Sichilima and group are doomed – Chitika

MMD national secretary Elizabeth Chitika-Molobeka says Gaston Sichilima and his group who were singing uyo uyo uyo [alebwelelapo] Solli are now doomed.

Chitika was responding to Sichilima’s diatribe against Nevers Mumba, calling for his resignation.

In a statement, Sichilima, who is part of the group that was fighting Mumba’s presidency, said if the MMD was to regain its lost glory, the former Republican vice-president should step down now.

“It is clear, members of the MMD and Zambians have rejected Dr Nevers Mumba due to his poor management and lack of political leadership skills,” Sichilima charged.

He said Mumba’s insistence to be party president was the reason MMD members had withdrawn their support for the party because they do not like and trust his leadership.

“This is evident in the losses the former preacher has received in past elections he has contested. If you take for example in Mandevu Constituency, we have over 120,000 members of MMD but they have all lost hope in the party because of Nevers Mumba hence not even voting for him,” he said.

Sichilima said Mumba should retire honourably and save MMD.

“I can assure you that when Nevers retires honourably, the MMD will bounce back to its former glory. Nevers is the one that has killed the party. The man has killed MMD in people’s hearts. And we can’t continue seeing the party embarrassed in such a fashion because of one selfish man, he has to retire now,” said Sichilima while describing Mumba as a failure who has been rejected but keeps on forcing himself on the people.

But Chitika said there was no serious political party that would not undertake an assessment after the defining elections of August 12 in which Zambians decided to focus on just two main political parties, giving to the winner 2.8 million votes and to the next one 1.8 million.

“The rest of us were all handed paltry votes. In that regard, the MMD is way ahead of many other political parties in doing a postmortem and an assessment of its standing in our nation’s political conversation,” she said.

Chitika said Mumba, in consultation with the senior leadership, had called for a postmortem and assessment exercise and invited members and supporters of the party to make submissions to a committee that has since concluded its work and is currently analysing the data.

She said Sichilima and his kindred had no moral ground to say the things they were saying.

“They have spent the last nine years fighting every progress that Dr Nevers Mumba has made regarding the MMD. Let him state at what point he rendered an honest hand of help to Dr Nevers Mumba and the party during his tenure as president of MMD. Never!” Chitika said. “Mr Sichilima addresses himself as national chairman elections of the party. He is neither a member nor an official in MMD. We wish to warn him that this should be the last time he carries on with this impersonation. Next time he impersonates himself, we shall have him committed to jail.”

Chitika said the PF government which entertained hooliganism and lawlessness was no more.

“We have a new government committed to the rule of law and we shall not be sidetracked by any attention seekers in respect of our party,” Chitika said. “It is most laughable that Mr Sichilima can be claiming that he can reorganise the party and turn its fortunes around when he was in the NEC and government which was roundly defeated by Mr Sata’s Patriotic Front. Since then, all he has known is to join hands with those who aim to destabilise the party and diminish its chances.”

Chitika said Sichilima was actually part of the team that illegally installed themselves as MMD leaders for almost four years but the party did not gain anything.

“Did the party become formidable? NO! All they did was to use the party for the purposes of finding personal comfort with the PF and made the MMD completely disappear from the politics of Zambia. They did not participate in elections nor did they mobilise the party,” she said. “They were errand boys for the ruling government. They were praise singers and dancers at PF rallies. All they knew was to sing uyo uyo uyo Solli. Now they are doomed!”

Chitika said the Mumba leadership was determined to rebuild the MMD.

“The one point that we agree with Mr Sichilima is that, unlike many other parties which are around, the MMD is a people’s party. It is for precisely that reason that we, the mandated office bearers, have refused to allow the party to be hijacked and its credentials soiled at the altar of convenience,” Chitika said. “Just two weeks ago Mr Sichilima sent a message through one of our female NEC members apologising to president Mumba for the distractive behaviour by his group. He claimed they were being used and abused by the PF. What has changed already?”

And Chitika said the MMD recently held a convention at which the mandate of the president and the NEC were renewed.

“We will hold our next convention in 2026. There has not arisen a need to revisit the convention. The nation, our supporters and the general membership will be updated soon about the results of this assessment exercise,” said Chitika.

“Let me state for the record that the call for Dr Nevers Mumba to retire from politics is misplaced and has no real place in our political dispensation. The Zambian people and our members have continued to express their appreciation of Dr Mumba’s level-headed and mature approach to national politics, therefore he is going nowhere.”

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