Executive functions of the President

[By Simon Kalolo Kabanda]

Last week, we promised that we shall elaborate on the issue of Proportional Representation electoral system. However, today we are not going to discuss the issue. We shall bring it out later, and possibly generate debate around it.

We are still sun-bathing and enjoying the fresh air that has come with the change of government. The people of Zambia decided on 12 August to bid farewell to the government of the Patriotic Front (PF). We now have a new Republican President. It is important for the people of Zambia to know, understand and appreciate the functions of the President.

Article 92 of the Constitution outlines the executive functions of the President:

(1) The President shall perform, with dignity, leadership and integrity, the acts that are necessary and expedient for, or reasonably incidental to, the exercise of the executive authority.

(2) Without limiting the other provisions of this Constitution, the President shall—

(a) appoint ambassadors, high commissioners, plenipotentiaries, diplomatic representatives and consuls;

(b) receive and accredit foreign ambassadors, high commissioners, plenipotentiaries, diplomatic representatives, consuls and heads of international organisations;

(c) negotiate and sign international agreements and treaties and, subject to the approval of the National Assembly, ratify or accede to international agreements and treaties;

(d) establish, merge and dissolve Government ministries, subject to the approval of the National Assembly;

(e) appoint persons as are required by this Constitution or any other law to be appointed by the President;

(f) appoint persons as are required to perform special duties for the Executive;

(g) confer honours;

(h) sign and promulgate proclamations as specified in this Constitution or as prescribed;

(i) initiate Bills for submission to, and consideration by, the National Assembly; and

(j) perform other functions specified by this Constitution or as prescribed.

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