LUSAKA football division side Sable Bulls proprietor Mofya Chisala says his team is targetting to win promotion to the Eden University National League this season.

In an interview, Chisala said the team has the required players and the technical bench to qualify to the National League and compete.

Chisala bragged about how his team has managed to rise from being an amateur to be challenging for qualification into the National League next season.

“As Sable Bulls we have a story to tell. I left Lusaka Dynamos as a president and went to an unknown team which was in amateur… And people said, ‘why would you leave a rich team like Lusaka Dynamos?’ And I said, no, I have a lot of plans and they would fit it,” he told The Mast. “So, I went, I found a team in amateur. We fought it in division three, the next year we brought it in division two and now we are in division one Lusaka Province. And this year we want to move into the National League.”

Chisala added that Bulls was the only team at amateur level that managed to clinch sponsorship deals.

“We are the only team in amateur who were in division two but managed to have won a sponsorship deal with Mobile City. We are the only team known to be paying players. We never had problems in paying them and the technical bench has been looked after well and being given targets,” he added. “So, all the ideas that I had even when I was standing for FAZ vice-president six years ago, is what I am implementing now. The club is a registered club through PACRA. It has got two assets in terms of the buses, and our own playing field that we have been given a 10-year lease by Lusaka Girls [School] as we build ablution blocks and we keep on moving.”

Chisala also revealed that the club planned to build its own stadium this year.

He said football was a game of planning and results had to be seen.

“For me, football growth has to be seen with what you have been doing. And right now, we have plans of building our own stadium and we have been given a lease of 20 years on some land. And we are hoping that by the end of this year we will have some people coming on board,” said Chisala.

“And this whole money in this team is not only my money, I know how to connect dots. If you talk about social capital, I am a real deal who brings up people. When they see value in your club, people will come. If you have documents people will come. We want to push in K100,000, I give them my financials. And when they look at them, they see that I am not the only one who signs on them, we have an accountant and we have a whole complete committee and so on, and this excites people.”

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