Undoing PF tribal hegemony and bigotry

HAKAINDE Hichilema says his administration wants every Zambian to be an embodiment of our national values and principles.

“Adherence to national values and principles does not only promote patriotism, peace and unity among our people, but also creates a positive influence on work ethics and productivity. Ethnic degradation which we experienced, observed, children observed in this House in the last Parliament should not happen again. We have no oversight over Parliament, but this is an appeal to the people of Zambia, especially members of parliament – be examples of mutual respect,” says Hakainde. “In addition, adherence to our national values and principles will create a conducive environment to attract investments that lead to higher growth and employment opportunities for our citizens. Efforts towards entrenchment of our national values and principles will, therefore, continue. We want every Zambian to be an embodiment of our national values and principles. We will make the national motto of One Zambia One nation once more a reality, not symbolism.”

Ethnic degradation at the height of Edgar Lungu’s regime had become a norm. Tribal politics was being mainstreamed without shame. The regime didn’t see it as a wrong. They perpetuated hate speech and their disciples were socialised in it as if it were a development pillar! Tribe and hate speech became key trump cards for electioneering. They never saw criminality in so doing. And Edgar never saw sense nor feel responsible enough to reign in on that misconduct which was threatening national unity. Their recklessness had placed our unitary state in a tinderbox. But with straight face, they justified their dirty tribal talk as if they’re right! It had to take the citizens’ wrath to put to an end to the calumny by voting out the regime. Now without shame, they’re asking the UPND administration to unite the country! How insolent! But we can understand their attitude, the lack of foresight. After all it is said, when a monkey is about to die all branches of the tree become slippery. PF have been on slippery ground for a number of years.

The PF, no matter how laundered it becomes, will always have the tribal stench. They will be like skunks because of the tribal hegemony and bigotry they pursued. It is very difficult to see that grouping in any other light than what they emitted – tribal hatred, regionalism and corruption.

It is heartening that Hakainde seeks to heal this bleeding tribal wound. We urge his administration to walk his talk in synch with the national motto of One Zambia One Nation. Any departure from what Hakainde has pronounced will be such an affront to the Zambian unity that it will have dire political consequences.

Indeed, never should our homeland tolerate tribal hegemony. Nevers should Zambian administrators walk on tribal paths. Zambians are one people and must never be divided by sectarian minds.

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