Release gassing report, demands Chifire

THE Southern Africa Network Against Corruption says now that the country has a new home affairs minister, Zambians are demanding to know who was behind the mysterious gassing incidents.

In a statement yesterday, SANAC director Gregory Chifire said Zambians had not forgotten about the gassing attacks that the country experienced in late 2019 and early last year.

Over 50 Zambians died during incidences of gassing that began in Chingola and later spread to Lusaka and other parts of the country.

Chifire said the gassing mystery was one of the agenda items that was on citizens’ minds when they went to vote on August 12.

“It may seem like Zambians have forgotten because they are not speaking about it publicly [but] hell no, they haven’t. That was one of the agenda items when they went to vote. They have a list of the things they were displeased about and of course the things they are expecting from the UPND government, and they will be religiously ticking against that list very soon,” Chifire said.

He said Zambians understand that while there are things that take time to change such as the economic fortunes, there are also those that can be done immediately, such as bringing to book criminals behind the gassing and killing of people.

Chifire recalled that many citizens died and property was lost, without proper answers from the PF regime.

He further said in the absence of a credible report, Zambians will continue to speculate and believe that the former PF government sponsored the gassing incidents.

“It was a national tragedy. It was an invasion by terrorists that cannot just be ignored. Zambians demand answers. That is why it is imperative for the new government to release the report so that citizens know the truth. It will not be very difficult for Honourable Jack Mwiimbu to get to the root of this matter because some of the people that presided over the security matters are still with us,” Chifire said. “Honourable Stephen Kampyongo – who was minister of home affairs – is still in Parliament. Former Inspector General of Police Mr Kakoma Kanganja is still alive, licking his wounds somewhere, and indeed many others.” He insisted that it was time that justice was served on behalf of those that lost their lives at the hands of “terrorists”, irrespective of their standing in society.

Chifire added that the families who lost their loved ones during that time deserved to know the truth so that they could find closure.

“A lot of crimes were committed under the PF regime and perpetrators were not punished. City Market was gutted, citizens like Mapenzi Chibulo murdered in cold blood, and many other crimes whose reports have been swept under the carpet. This trend should not be allowed to continue. Crimes must be punished,” he said.

And Chifire said Zambians have very high expectations from the UPND government.
“These high expectations need to be managed very well. Some actions need to be seen to be taken but with due diligence and care,” said Chifire.

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