Declare corruption, economic crimes as crime against humanity – Chifire

THE Southern Africa Network against Corruption says pronouncements made by President Hakainde Hichilema during his address to Parliament reflect the wishes of majority Zambians who yearned for change.

In a statement, SANAC executive director Gregory Chifire said President Hichilema’s maiden address in Parliament had a lot of progressive pronouncements that if judiciously followed would put Zambia at another level.

He said as an anti-corruption civil society organisation, SANAC was particularly excited by the President’s pronouncements on good governance and the fight against corruption which was reflected in his call to strengthen oversight and governance institutions and ensuring independence and autonomy of the Judiciary and guaranteeing of a free press and an active civil society.

“The PF government had obliterated ethics of good governance and created an environment of corruption and one that did not have room for divergent views, thereby infringing on fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens, such as right to assembly and freedom of speech, among others,” Chifire said.

The exiled human rights activist said President Hichilema’s abhorrence of corruption, planned review of policy and legal framework, increasing funding to oversight institutions to enable them effectively fight corruption and economic crimes as well as the introduction of specialised fast-track stolen assets recovery mechanisms and courts for corruption and economic crimes should be commended by all.

“As an organisation, we wish to ask the President and his government to declare corruption and economic crimes as crime against humanity and consequently amend the punishment for the crime,” said Chifire.

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