FAZ life member Luxon Kazabu has advised new sports minister Elvis Nkandu to embrace all sports disciplines in the country.

In an interview, Kazabu said even if football was the number one sport, Nkandu should make sure that all sports codes benefit.

“I want to congratulate him for being appointed as the youth and sport minister. I wish him the best, and my expectation is that he will support all sports disciplines we have in this country,” he told The Mast Sport.

“In as much as football is second to religion in this country, I expect the best minister to embrace all sports disciplines in the country and should be different from other sports ministers.”

Kazabu cautioned Nkandu against fighting FAZ, advising that the minister should instead support the association.

“Football in Zambia is second religion and as such I am hopeful that the minister will give FAZ his utmost support as he also supports other sports disciplines in the country,” Kazabu added. “I can’t wait for the departure of what used to happen under the former minister – fighting his own institution, so to such I expect a lot from him.”

And Kazabu said there should be equal and sustainable funding to all sports disciplines.

“He should also lobby for funding from government because in as much these sports disciplines have ideas that can grow sport in the country, without funding, all those ideas are nothing,’’ said Kazabu. “Those ideas need to be implemented, but without funding such can’t happen hence lobbying for funds from government and other stakeholders will help to grow the sport in the country.”

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