PF sinned against God, says Kaleya

FORMER Eastern Province MMD information and publicity secretary Zephaniah Kaleya says the PF sinned against God by singing ni Lesa wasalile (it’s God who chose [Lungu]).

Kaleya adds that Zambians should not let opposition political parties die so that democracy can grow.

In an interview, Kaleya said there were a lot of things that went wrong for PF in the run up to last month’s elections.

“The PF sinned against God by even singing to say ‘ni Lesa wasalile, asalile kwisa’ (that it’s God who chose. Where did He choose)?” he asked. “Ati palibe chamene tingachite ni Mulungu anasankha uyuunth munthu (there is nothing that we can do because it is God who chose this person). They were supposed to appeal to the voters.”

Kaleya asked the PF to reflect on their performance.

He believes that the party had so many issues which made Zambians punish them.

“I feel PF had a lot of issues, by getting 1.8 million against the UPND’s 2.8 million votes, it indicated that the PF’s limit of support is permanent whilst the UPND has got migration voters. Voters that migrated to vote for a certain party,” Kaleya said. “In this case most of the migration voters were youths who have high hopes in the new administration.”

He noted that the UPND had a lot of sympathisers because of the mistreatment that President Hakainde Hichilema was subjected to by the PF.

Kaleya also said the PF had the worst adoptions he had ever seen in his 20-year-old political career.

“You saw what transpired. HH was teargassed, blocked and harassed in various ways. As a result of this, people became concerned. I remember when HH came to Mfuwe even the tourism traffic was disrupted because the police blocked the roads for hours,” he said. “This (PF) is a political party that did not want to consult chiefs, senior citizens. So, the PF dug its own grave because of corruption. They used money to do a lot of things, but what has money done now?”

Kaleya said as things stood, Eastern Province was not a stronghold for any political party.

He urged people to defend and preserve the country’s democracy by ensuring opposition political parties remained strong.

“You saw the shocking results and I know the results were more shocking to those who claimed that Eastern Province was their stronghold. I think you saw that parties like MMD suffered an embarrassment that it had never suffered before. We need to have a direction, as easterners we need to know who our leaders are,” said Kaleya. “We are now entering another political phase because where we are coming from things were not good because of the arrogance of the PF regime. It is a duty of every Zambian to defend and preserve the country’s democracy by ensuring that other political parties survive. As much as we congratulate the winners in the just ended elections, other political parties must be strengthened.”

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