All our investigative institutions failed us – Moyo

THE leaders of our security institutions must be rounded up together with the thieves, says Joseph Moyo

Ackson Sejani in The Mast’s Monday edition said efforts to resuscitate the economy starts from recovering all our stolen assets.

He hoped that through the fast-track courts all “thieves would be rounded up and be made to bring back the money they looted from our treasury”.

But Moyo, The African Woman Foundation (TAWF) founder, said those who enabled the thieves to steal must also be rounded up.

“There is no way we can only round up the thieves leaving the people who watched and stood by through design. We have a very sad situation in our country today of not only having thieves who stole but those who were meant to stand guard over our resources and watched while the thieves stole,” he said. “The leaders of our security institutions must be rounded up together with the thieves. We are left with no option but to believe two scenarios happened. It’s either the guards knew the thieves or the thieves paid their way in and out. Whichever the scenario is, our guards are complicity and need to be rounded up as well to complete the equation.”

Moyo added that the guards knew the thieves because “we stationed guards at the gates then the thieves came in broad daylight”.

“The guards opened for them and watched while they ransacked the house and opened the gate for them to leave with the loot. Then once the thieves had left, the guards are now telling us they are looking for the thieves,” he noted. “We must not only focus on rounding up the thieves. This is a big issue and we can’t only glaze the surfaces.”

Moyo said he was one of the victims of thieving.

“Today August 14th, I am flying outside the country for treatment all because the local hospitals can’t treat my chronic conditions because of our poor health sector. The FIC (Financial Intelligence Centre) director already has told us that she was let down by DEC, ACC, courts and police. But we say all our institutions failed us. They all must account,” said Moyo.

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