It is not possible for govt to perform wonders within an hour, says PF official

SINDA council chairperson Julius Phiri has urged people not to put pressure on the government to fulfil election promises within a short period of time.

In an interview, Phiri, a PF official, said it was not possible for the government to perform wonders within an hour.

He said in due course, people would see the fruits.

Phiri advised Sinda residents to be patient to see how the government would handle what it promised.

He said even God Almighty did not create the world in one day.

“He created it in six days and rested on the seventh day. So it is with any government, it needs time to put things in place,” Phiri said. “We won’t achieve all our promises in a short period of time as we need ample time. If you read the Bible, our Almighty God took six days to create the earth and rested on the seventh day. Now, this shows that development is a process that can’t happen overnight. It is therefore imperative for the citizens to give us time to put things in place and achieve what we promised.”

He said he believes in leaders being servants of the people and not bosses.

“I’m in this office not as a boss but as a slave to serve our people. I wouldn’t be happy to see people outside still drinking water from shallow wells. I wouldn’t be happy to see people drinking water together with wild animals or livestock,” he said. “Do you know my brother that we still have people that share drinking water with animals? So as a local authority, under the leadership of President Hakainde Hichilema, we won’t sleep until we deliver what is expected to the people.”

On political party cadres, Phiri said President Hichilema’s directive on cadres was very fundamental.

He noted that cadres under PF robbed people’s peace.

Phiri said despite the directive by the President, cadres still exist in bus stations.
“There are still some cadres in the station. Not only here in Sinda but even in other districts. They can be spotted and these are UPND cadres who are there for revenge. They don’t understand what the President wants to achieve at the end of the day. Cadres are still existing for the sake of revenge,” he said.

Phiri, whose victory has been petitioned, lamented that by-elections are a waste of national resources.

He advised petitioners to accept defeat and try their luck next time.

“The petitions are just delaying development. When you have lost, you have lost. You have to accept it because there is always next time. Just accept that it’s not your time – it’s someone’s time,” said Phiri.

Meanwhile, council secretary Grace Kanyanta said the local authority was on top of things.

She said since cadres were banned from collecting revenues in markets and bus station, the local authority’s revenue collection has gone up.

“As a district, we are on top of the things. We are operating under peaceful environment to a point where even revenue collecting has gone up because cadres don’t collect revenues in markets and bus stations,” she said.

Kanyanta said the local authority was non-partisan and works hand in hand with the government of the day.

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