Zambia’s democratic record is outstanding – Hakoola

THE Continental Leadership Research Institute (CLRI) has urged the UPND government to maintain the political will that has been built and work towards improving the record further of the country that was deteriorating under the PF.

In a message to mark the International Day of Democracy, executive director Mundia Hakoola said the deterioration was due to weak institutions of governance, brutal regime against divergent views and the creation of parallel structures of governance that undermined the legally established structures.

“CLRI joins the rest of the world in celebrating the International Day of Democracy. To us this day comes at a time where as a country we have successfully held elections and a peaceful transition of power from one political party to another. Zambia has indeed over the years been working hard to improve its democratic record,” he said. “The country has managed to move from one party democracy to multiple party democracies, the country has held elections periodically which is one the tenets of democracy and has had seven different presidents from four different political parties and this record is outstanding. And the virtues we gained so far need to be maintained and we need to remain a role model for many African countries.”

Hakoola noted the political will by the new dawn government to promote a free press and build strong institutions of governance, which are fundamental elements for democracy to thrive.

He said CLRI was aware that one of the key elements that could attract investors in a country was the respect for the rule of law and having sound policies.

Hakoola said such could only be achieved with sound democratic record as the country works towards rebuilding the economy.

He said “this has” to go along with good democratic governance and sound foreign policy.

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