NAQEZ demands transparent teacher recruitment and promotion policies

THE National Action for Quality Education in Zambia (NAQEZ) is demanding transparent and accountable teacher recruitment and promotion policies.

Executive director Aaron Chansa said NAQEZ was shocked that the Anti-Corruption Commission and the Zambia Police were completely mute over the widely reported and suspicious recruitment of more than 3,000 teachers by the Teaching Service Commission.

“The nation has learnt with disbelief that thousands of unemployed teachers are claiming to have been recruited while the Teaching Service Commission is expressing ignorance about the whole thing. This is a pure scandal and all of us, especially the Anti-Corruption Commission must be very worried,” he said. “In the past few years, NAQEZ has received numerous complaints about the mysterious teacher replacements, about questionable promotions, transfers and retirements of some teachers in national interest. These appalling issues have given the teaching profession a bad name and directly affected the morale of teachers in Zambia.”

Chansa said there were many corruption accusations and counter accusations on teacher recruitments, replacements and promotions.

He said it was now time for the Anti-Corruption Commission and the police to help the country by swiftly, professionally and conclusively investigating “these matters”.

“A lot of teachers have been affected and NAQEZ will be very surprised if the investigative wings will maintain their silence over such grave matters of national significance. The people of Zambia would want to know the people behind these dubious recruitments. Those connected to this filthy matter must be brought to account. Going forward, we demand transparent and accountable teacher recruitment and promotion policies,” said Chansa. “Without putting in place clear, predictable, trusted and assuring recruitment and promotion policies in the Ministry of Education, we are afraid the sector will continue topping in terms of scandals.”

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