Our natural resources have not been put to good use – Kaingu

ZAMBIANS have not benefited meaningfully from the mines, says Dr Michael Kaingu.

He argues that the country’s natural resources have not been put to good use.

“If you look at mines, Zambians have not benefited from the mines. That’s why I’m talking about heavy taxes on Zambian businesses that they are not necessary because this country is rich and can develop from its natural resources. But the natural resources have not been put to good use. When we talk about the mines you find that the focus is more on copper but Zambia has got more minerals just like copper,” he said in an interview. “We have cobalt, manganese, Zinc, gold and yet when it comes to the Minister of Finance’s budget presentation they don’t show how much we are going to realise from zinc for example. How much we are going to realise from cobalt. And we can sustain the country just on minerals if they are properly mined and processed fully.”

Dr Kaingu explained that when “we say we are going to help the President we are not looking for jobs or political appointments, no!”

“We are interested in helping him build our economy. Nation building does not look at political affiliation. Even the President himself was very clear that let bygones be bygones so that we can come together as nationals of this country to build the economy,” said Dr Kaingu. “And for us who have been in business since 1982 from [the Dr Kenneth] Kaunda era and I have gone through it – I understand the Zambian economy. And I have also contributed as a former minister of tourism environment and natural resources.”

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