Get vaccinated, prevent Covid from lasting longer – Mfune

GET your COVID-19 vaccine and prevent the pandemic from lasting longer, urges Socialist Party central committee member Faith Natasha Mfune.

Mfune, also a member of the SP Youth League, notes that since the intervention of the Coronavirus lives have drastically changed at all facets of existence.

“It sent the world in a random panic as it was thought of taking us down the road of unknown human evolution, which has come to be known as a ‘new normal’ characterised by country lockdown, social isolation, use of facemask, sanitisers, loss of jobs and mushrooming of multiple online business among others,” she said, in a statement. “Without a shadow of a doubt, since the intervention of Coronavirus our lives have drastically changed at all facets of our existence. Not only has the pandemic affected our health but also the speed of our development has retarded whether economically, socially, and politically. This has contributed to the already expanding levels of poverty, social injustice and economic deflation as most workers have lost their jobs, businesses shutdown, schools closed, and hospitals that were supposed to be treating other diseases are transformed into COVID-19 centres.”

Mfune said these were just a minute of tragedies and calamity caused by the pandemic.

“Well, in the medical faculty the effort to thrive against this virus doesn’t end with the emphasis on submitting to the requested prevention measures like the use of a facemask and hand sanitiser. For these do not do any immune protection against the virus rather than reducing the spreading and chances of getting it, thus alone are not very reliable,” she noted. “Therefore, doctors, scientist and other people in the medical fraternity entered their laboratory and came up with a vaccine capable to surmount the COVID-19. With the vaccine at least, we can return to business as usual.”

Mfune said in the face of misinformation, the vaccines have been deceitfully attached to fallacy and inaccuracy claims like “if you get the vaccine you will die in the next two years, it’s a microchip, the vaccine can affect women’s fertility, getting the vaccine gives you the virus or the side effects of the vaccine are dangerous.”

“If we adhere to this deception and refuse to get the vaccine, we end up putting our lives in danger, allowing the pandemic last longer and rejecting an opportunity to regain our freedom we had before. With vaccination comes benefits and if you are not yet vaccinated think again. The vaccine reduces your risk of infection; the vaccine can help your unborn baby or newborn; the vaccine protects you against severe illness; the vaccine is our path toward ditching the mask; the vaccine will help you reconnect with friends and family,” Mfune said.

She noted that as of last Friday, 228,0290,433 Covid cases were reported worldwide with at least 4,691,441 deaths and 204,894,119 recuperated.

“If you get the vaccination together with your family and neighbours like I did, together we can help reduce the numbers and prevent it from lasting longer. Get your vaccine, get your freedom, get your protection today,” urged Mfune.

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