TREASURY LIKE IN-LAW’S BACKSIDE…admire but don’t touch it – Akafumba

TREAT public funds and treasury the way one treats or sees his mother in-law’s backside, NDC leader Josephs Akafumba has warned public officers.

He says President Hakainde Hichilema’s speech to the National Assembly was so rich unlike what the nation was treated to in the last regime.

Akafumba welcomed President Hichilema call for a fast-track court to deal with past, present and future corruption and economic crimes.

He warned all those who could have dipped their fingers into public coffers, even after they were cautioned all along, that since the money they stole did not belong to President Hichilema or the UPND Alliance administration they will be dealt with.

Akafumba said the creation of fast track courts to try all the plunderers, the economic saboteurs, had come at the right time.

“It has come at the right time so that we don’t clog the main line of the courts from subordinate to high and from High Court to wherever and to the Supreme Court,” he said. “That takes too long because it gives loopholes to these plunderers who were operating like a Mafia network to hide their money. Bring back our money that you stole is the slogan that the Zambians want. So the assurance by the President is a sit up call to all those who have hidden money elsewhere. It’s time they brought it back and owned up that really I dipped my fingers into public coffers.”

Akafumba warned his colleagues in the UPND Alliance administration and all those in Cabinet that what will happen to PF plunderers is something that may fall on them if they don’t heed President Hichilema’s word.

“They must at all times treat public funds and treasury the way one treats or sees his mother in-law, the backside of your mother in-law. You can only admire but cannot touch,” he said. “That’s what public funds are all about. But if you go deeper then you will be visited by the fast track courts. So this is warning to all of us. Public funds are for the public and must be respected the way you respect the backside of your mother-in-law. That’s exactly how you should treat public funds – admire but don’t touch.”

And Akafumba said President Hichilema’s address to the National Assembly spurred confidence not only to Zambians but the donor community as well.

He said even those that doubted President Hichilema when he was in opposition
sat back to applaud his delivery.

“To sum up President Hakainde Hichilema’s opening speech to Parliament, one would simply sit in the chair and say ‘Aba ndiye ba President, iyi ndiye speech (this one is the President, this is a speech)’ unlike what we were entertained to in the last seven years under he who should not be mentioned but people call him Edgar Lungu,” he said.

Akafumba noted that President Hichilema would not only be rhetoric but action-oriented.
He said President Hichikema’s call to a united Zambia following tribal disunity must be commended by all.

“You can see even the credibility in the speech of the President. It is inspiring even to the doubting Thomases, including those who thought President HH did not mean well for this country. I think his speech to Parliament must be the last nail on all those doubting Thomases; the man even when he was in opposition was being misunderstood because of his tribe but this time around people have come to realise that they missed the best President-ever but all is not lost. We now have him in State House and the speech which he delivered is not only inspiring to the people of Zambia, it is inspiring to the donor community,” said Akafumba.

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