Country needs career civil service not PF remnants – Muzungu

VETERAN politician Mulondwe Muzungu has advised the new government to get rid of all civil servants who got involved in politics.

In a walk-in interview, Muzungu warned that if not removed from the civil service, the same people could sabotage plans of the mew administration.

“Therefore, it is expected that the transition from the PF repressive and thieving regime will not last too long, lest PF elements still in offices will cause further damage to our country,” he told The Mast. “These are not civil servants to trust. Against convention, they have openly involved themselves in PF politics. The sooner they get relieved of their duties, the better for the country.”

Muzungu has also cautioned UPND members to look out for PF members that could offload their dirty money in the ruling party.

“Every member of the UPND and all well-meaning citizens must be on the lookout for elements, the dreads of society, members of the underworld who will now try to offload their dirty money on UPND in the name of supporting the party,” he added. “Be discerning and know their motives. They do not mean well. They will not mean well, they are defilers. They will contaminate the new dawn and compromise our anti-corruption crusade; making our victory over them vanity.”

And remembering the PF reign, Muzungu said it was a terrifying regime.

He expressed joy that finally the nation had come back to order under the rule of law.

“After 10 years of the PF reign of terror, Zambians have breathed a great sigh of relief. For now, they have their lives back. The enemy who was terrorising them has been vanquished,” Muzungu said. “They no longer have to live in fear of the panga-wielding PF thugs. All the bus stations, streets and markets are safe places for everyone.”

He said the August 12 general election “will go down in the annals of Zambia’s history as epoch-making”.

“For, they have swept out of power a brutal regime of kleptomaniacs, by kleptomaniacs, for kleptomaniacs; and have ushered in the UPND government of the people, by the people, and for the people,” Muzungu said. “This will be the new dawn UPND government. For, it shall be deeply rooted in the tenets of liberal democracy to consummate people’s liberties. By that new dawn government, such pillars of liberal democracy as free and fair elections, free press, the rule of law, and fundamental human rights and freedoms which had been crushed and trampled upon will be revised, concretised and insulated to ensure sustenance of people’s happiness, peace and tranquility.”

He said in terms of governance issues and the monetary policies, the country would regain firm and respect in the international community.

And Muzungu said while the UPND had one task in the opposition, they now have two in government.

“Concluding the truth, I submit that in opposition, the UPND had one task – that is to compete for office, which competition it has won after 21 years,” he said. “Now in government, the UPND will have two major tasks: to run the country and to run the party. Both of these functions will need equal attention, full and equal attention in order to sustain our victory.”

Muzungu also called for a complete transformation of the civil service.

He said the country need to go back to career civil service.

“The career civil service that is coming should not inherit PF remnants. And the economic roadmap unveiled by His Excellency Hakainde Hichilema on the floor of Parliament, which is an inspiring blueprint that has rekindled the hopes of Zambians, must not be placed in the hands of the PF cadres dressed in civil service robs to disguise themselves,” said Muzungu. “They will perforate and derail the plan to the detriment of the country. What the country needs now are career civil servants. A career civil service, pure of civil service; civil servants that will serve successive governments. That is a professional career [civil] service which the country needs as of now.”

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