HH MUST BE INCLUSIVE …this is politics, appoint both graduates and less educated people – Sensele

PAUL Sensele says Zambians must not be shy to defend what they fought for on August 12 whenever PF tries to speak out.

He is urging President Hakainde Hichilema to be inclusive in his appointments stressing that “this is not church but politics”.

Sensele warned President Hichilema not to forget that there was still the 2026 election hence the need to balance up with both the educated and less educated but capable people.

In an interview, Sensele an NDC member of the central committee said Zambians now are breathing fresh air free of PF cadreism.

“Zambians need to defend what they fought for in the August 12 general elections. Actually, PF is even lucky because if I was given an opportunity to serve even as a police reservist, today I would have arrested at about 10 of them. These guys are murderers. Look at what they did to us! We had that incidence of gassing. No one is explaining about it,” he recalled. “They gave us expired drugs and today they have got guts to condemn President Hakainde Hichilema and they expect us to sit and listen to them.”

Sensele said Zambians must not forget that it was under the PF regime that a female university student died at the hands of police brutality.

“And come 2026, President HH must be given another mandate as President. When you are proposing love to a woman, we all have a manifesto so they (PF) should not tell us what to do as if them they never had a manifesto,” he said. “We will fulfill our campaign promises at our own pace as UPND Alliance government and not at the PF pace.”

And Sensele urged President Hichilema not only to focus on educated people in his appointments but to be inclusive.

He said the country should not be governed by graduates only.

“There is nothing special about graduates because under PF we saw that it was just a greedy way they used to bar people deemed to have no qualification not to be near to where they were stealing. How can you expect a graduate to supply expired condoms and you call that person a graduate! A thief in a white collar shirt and he tells me he is qualified when he is killing me by supplying expired drugs,” Sensele lamented. “Even when President HH was being blocked and finally arrested for fake treason charge, can someone show me which graduate was arrested with him and went with him to prison from those they arrested at his house? I want to repeat late president Michael Sata’s words that graduates are cowards.”

Sensele reminded President Hichilema not to forget that there was still the 2026 election hence the need to balance up with both the educated and less educated but capable people.

“This is not church. These are politics and our President must quickly come to understand this because beyond serving the people there are elections ahead. And it is the less educated people that go to the battlefront,” he said. “I will tell you one thing. Me I’m not a failure but I don’t have a Grade 12 certificate. In my family, I can even parade them. I have sponsored graduates right up… Now I’m paying for a lawyer. I’m paying for my daughter who is doing environmental studies, my son just left for CBU (Copperbelt University), he is doing engineering. And who has employed me? I’m just in informal sector. And all these children are not on bursary. I’m paying through my pocket. So can you tell me that I’m a dull person if I can produce graduates? I have got an engineer working in Zesco. I have got an accountant working and so many of them from my own pocket. When you don’t have a grade 12 certificate it could be that just the background maybe there was a lapse and so forth. Maybe parents didn’t manage to give proper sponsorship, there are challenges in these families.”

He said there were principled politicians in UPND that might not have G12 certificates but had other papers.

“Others were jailed for UPND and if they were cowards just after going to prison they would have gone to join PF,” Sensele added.

He reminded the President that in one of his campaign meetings he said he was going to remove the G12 certificate qualification for one to be a member of parliament.

“It pains so much seeing long time UPND loyalists not being appointed to any government position while those PF aligned civil servants are enjoying drawing salaries. Let them be replaced by new members from the UPND Alliance. We are not short of leaders. Some of these permanent secretaries made havoc for HH. And there are people who have really sacrificed. When I look at friends like Neto Halwabala, I don’t know how many call outs he received from police just to intimidate him,” Sensele said. “Obvious Mwaliteta even went to prison. Former president Edgar Lungu is on record telling the nation that if I win I’m going to arrest HH, and he was not going to be arrested alone. Even most of us were going to be arrested. I have been to the police myself on accusation that I have beaten a PF member and yet it was just a fabricated story. The whole idea was to shut us up.”

Sensele said people were tired of waiting for jobs.

“Apart from fulfilling our campaign promises the focus also must be on 2026 and we need to defend President HH’s position in 2026 regardless of anything that might come on the way,” said Sensele.

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