ACC, DEC ANNOYING…why aren’t the corrupt being arrested, asks Chanda

LUSAKA resident Kawimbe Chanda has asked why investigating wings are delaying to arrest people involved in corruption and money laundering during the PF administration.

He argues that most of the culprits exposed themselves through their lifestyles, hence making it easy for investigative wings to investigate and make arrests quickly.

Chanda expressed concern that the delay by the Anti-Corruption Commission, Drug Enforcement Commission, and the Zambia Police Service had raised so much public suspicion that perhaps they were working with the corrupt.

“Is the ACC and DEC working with the former ruling party? We have heard so many [cases of] abuse of public offices by those who occupied them in the former ruling party, mismanaging of public funds, money laundering,” he said in a statement. “A councillor who bought a bank with its assets, including the controversial Forest 27, but no arrests have been done yet. Can you speed up the investigation process so that the culprits get punished! It’s very annoying seeing thieves sitting in Parliament, debating comfortably and opposing the speech that the President gave in Parliament.”

Chanda said the rate at which investigative wings were operating left much to be desired.

He warned that the three investigative wings risked giving more time to suspects to hide all the evidence.

“The rate at which ACC and DEC are moving will not result in any recovery of money which was stolen by people who served in the former ruling party, PF. You cannot tell a thief that, ‘tomorrow I am coming to arrest you’ and expect that thief to stay home,” Chanda reasoned. “Work silently and stop alarming suspects and the public.”

And Chanda urged President Hakainde Hichilema to quickly dismiss unwanted staff in all government information technology departments.

“And there’s need for President Hakainde Hichilema to fire all information technology (IT) management personnel and their directors for deleting some important information in the system. Obviously, that act was done at a high cost,” said Chanda. “And these are repercussions of keeping officials loyal to the previous regime for too long. The prolonged stay in office by government officials visa – a – vis directors and several other constitutional office holders loyal to the previous regime could and will only lead to such acts.”

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