expanded access to education is still top of agenda for UPND Alliance Govt – HH

PRESIDENT Hakainde Hichilema says expanded access to education is still top of the agenda for the UPND Alliance government.

State House spokesperson Anthony Bwalya said President Hichilema and the new dawn administration would continue to maintain the position that “in order for to build a Zambia that is prosperous and equitable, the UPND government needs to aggressively expand opportunities for access to top quality education for all of our citizens”.

He said it must be emphasized that for the President and his administration, expanded access to quality education for all is not and shall not remain a rare privilege for a few, but a basic necessity which must be made available to citizens.

“This is consistent with our agenda to create a knowledge based economy for the future. And in order for us to realise this dream for expanded access to quality education for all Zambians, the President has been very clear in outlining some of the prerequisites for this to happen,” Bwalya said. “Firstly, we must rebuild and rapidly grow the economy. And in order to achieve this, we must and we will resolve the debt crisis question to create excess capacity to support the education sector better.”

Bwalya said President Hichilema maintains that the country must also unquestionably resolve the grand corruption problem, where resources have previously been diverted away from productive sectors of the economy such as education, and instead ended up in the pockets of a small group of corrupt elements.

He said the President and the new administration gave already set out measures aimed at winning the war against corruption, among them, the political will for all law enforcement agencies to function independently, while being supported adequately with funding to prop up their technical expertise and personal requirements, as well as the option for fast track recovery mechanisms involving proceeds of crime.

He added that the President has also very clearly outlined the drive to reform public procurement to meet three key requirements, the right contract price or cost through market benchmarking, quality of goods and services delivered, as well as the timely delivery of all such goods and services, as government may procure.

“Once the government succeeds at successfully implementing these measures, we are assured, that more and more Zambians will progressively begin to experience the reality of accessing quality education on an equitable basis,” said Bwalya.

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