‘If you are not yet vaccinated, think again’

FAITH Natasha Mfune, a Socialist Party Central Committee member, says if you are not yet vaccinated against the COVID-19, think again.

“Without a shadow of a doubt, since the intervention of the Coronavirus our lives have drastically changed at all facets of our existence. Not only has the epidemic affected our health but also the speed of our development has retarded whether economically, socially, and politically, which has contributed to the already expanding levels of poverty, social injustice and economic deflation as most workers have lost their jobs, businesses shutdown, schools closed, and hospitals that were supposed to be treating other diseases are transformed into COVID-19 centres. These are just a minute of tragedies and calamity caused by this pandemic. Well, in the medical faculty the effort to thrive against this virus doesn’t end with the emphasis on submitting to the requested prevention measures like the use of a facemask and hand sanitiser. With the vaccine at least, we can return to business as usual,” says Faith. “On the face of misinformation, the vaccines have been deceitfully attached to fallacy and inaccuracy claims like; ‘if you get the vaccine you will die in the next two years, it’s a microchip, the vaccine can affect women’s fertility, getting the vaccine gives you the virus, the side effects of the vaccine are dangerous etc’. If we adhere to this deception and refuse to get the vaccine, we end up putting our lives in danger, allowing the pandemic last longer and rejecting an opportunity to regain our freedom we had before. With vaccination comes benefits and if you are not yet vaccinated think again. The vaccine reduces your risk of infection. The vaccine can help your unborn baby or newborn. The vaccine protects you against severe illness. The vaccine is our path toward ditching the mask. The vaccine will help you reconnect with friends and family. As of September 17, 2021, about 228,0290, 433 Corona Cases were reported worldwide with at least 4, 691, 441 deaths and 204,894,119 recuperated. If you get the vaccination together with your family and neighbours like I did, together we can help reduce the numbers and prevent it from lasting longer. Get your vaccine, get your freedom, get your protection today.”

We need to take Faith’s plea seriously.

Remember that Igbo proverb that, “The crab says that after gallantly swimming the small rivers and great oceans, he was finally defeated by an old woman’s pot of soup!” The pandemic is still ravaging. Developed and underdeveloped countries are being affected with equal intensity. In fact, the pandemic has thus far claimed more lives in the developed North. But this does not mean the global South has been spared the worst. If we drop our guard and resist scientific approaches targeted at managing and mitigating the pandemic, we are digging our own graves. We will be invitingly advancing our own apocalypse. The conduct of man for centuries has been unwittingly – at times – advancing the extinction of the very human species through unsustainable development approaches. Today we are struggling, contending, with the wrath of mother nature through climate change. Human beings gave birth to this climate change phenomenon. And now we have to reverse or alter our industrial and economic development pathways from fossil fuels dependence to alternative energy and equally deal with other aspects responsible for greenhouse emissions! As if not enough, we have to deal with faceless pandemics like the COVID-19. But as usual not everyone is eager to get inoculated. Yes, it is a voluntary exercise to get vaccinated but think about the cost of resistance – denial?

Let’s take a deep introspection on the dos and don’ts of not getting vaccinated! We have survived thus far because of scientific approaches to disease prevention – right from polio, measles, meningitis, pneumonia and tetanus to every other one that can be life-threatening but that can be prevented by way of vaccination. Time is now.

As Gavi (The Vaccine Alliance) states, “Now that COVID-19 vaccines have reached billions of people worldwide, the evidence is overwhelming that no matter which one you take, the vaccines offer life-saving protection against a disease that has killed millions. The pandemic is far from over, and they are our best bet of staying safe… Despite the record speed at which they have been developed, COVID-19 vaccines have still been subject to the same checks, balances, and scientific and regulatory rigour as any other vaccine, and shown to be safe. An unprecedented combination of political will, global collaboration and funding have enabled the rapid development of COVID-19 vaccines, without compromising vaccine safety.”

And World Health Organisation director general Dr Tedros Ghebreyesus is right when he says, “This is a time for facts, not fear. This is a time for rationality, not rumours. This is a time for solidarity, not stigma.”

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