Mbao warns civil servants against divulging govt data to PF

[By Kelvin Siabana in Kasama]

NORTHERN Province minister Leonard Mbao has cautioned civil servants to desist from giving vital and classified government information to the opposition PF which was kicked out of power last month.

Mbao said the provincial administration was aware that some civil servants were still aligned to the former ruling party who they provide secret information concerning the governance of the country.

He said whoever would be caught breaking the laws of the country, especially those civil servants who were still in contact with the former ruling party would be punished severely and prosecuted to deter others from committing a similar offence.

He said public workers should adhere to their oath by following government guidelines.

Mbao said it was unfortunate that some civil servants were working on their own terms and conditions by eating with both hands while pretending to be civil servants and yet they were having dark corner meetings with PF officials.

He said the new dawn administration had come in power to work for all Zambians and that civil servants who want to frustrate government developmental agenda should leave the civil service on voluntary basis.

Mbao said civil servants were the mirror of the government and should work in a professional manner by not involving themselves in illicit activities which would endanger the security and stability of the nation.

He said civil servants should be in the forefront implementing and explaining the policies of the government to the general populace for the people to clearly understand how the civil service operates in the province.

The provincial minister advised the civil servants to also study the manifesto of the ruling UPND for them to work objectively and effectively with the new dawn administration.

Mbao said this in Kasama when he addressed heads of government departments, senior government officials and other stakeholders.

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