No one has the right to steal your peace and happiness

[By Michael B Munyimba]

I do. Oh yes, I do. I do understand the fact that the world has gone berserk with evil and greed.

The desire for power and dominance over the ‘feeble’ now supersedes the humane consciousness of many a heart. Or perhaps I should simply say that I do understand that madness and sheer foolishness have become so malignant and universal that it’s become repulsive and mind-staggering.

How else would you modestly explain why so many people will strive to hurt others and trample on their birth right to be happy and have peace in life? Why would they want to use power and force to trample and dominate others; to infringe on others’ rights and fundamental freedoms just to appease their ego?

There are millions of people out there constantly suffering simply because their right to peace has been stolen by family members, by friends and relatives, by their church leaders, employers or lovers for no reason.

You have, for instance, a mother-in-law who treats you as though her son marrying you was a great favour to you and your family. Like it was the greatest thing that befell you, expecting you to worship the ground she walks on, to obey her every command and if possible, address her as her royal highness. The kind who storms your home unannounced and unsolicited for and begins to find fault in everything you do, giving you orders in your own house on how and when to bath and dress your kids and how to cook; making you undesirably uncomfortable and sad each time she’s around.

Why, you wonder, doesn’t your mother-in-law understand that you married her son to ‘service’ him ‘ku cipupa’ and be of service to your kids, that your immediate loyalty lies to your husband, her son, to whom you are already subservient and not to her or any other external members of the family? Or perhaps you have that supervisor at work who treats you like trash and sends you on stupid personal errands as though you were their slave, even forcing you to perform demeaning conjugal acts. And you feel you can’t refuse or do anything because your boss is too powerful and can’t be challenged even if you reported him to the president and you can’t contain the idea of losing your job again, remembering just how you suffered to get this one!

Or maybe you have that brother, sister or uncle who is so bent on ensuring that your life is a living hell simply because they believe you don’t deserve happiness and will do everything within their power to get you out of the way just so they can be happy. Why, you always wonder, can’t these people just leave you alone to enjoy your God-given peace and happiness, why can’t they understand that you are human too and deserve peace? Why have so many people become so self-centred and power-hungry?

What about your sons and nephews who have turned your house into a wholesale shop, selling your hard earned household stuff from tomatoes in your refrigerator, to phones, microwaves and plasmas; selling them at a fraction of their value just so they can go and drink kachasu in the ghetto without the slightest of care how that would affect you?

What about all those politicians who suddenly place you under an unexplainable draconian rule in your own country, who suddenly grow an intuition that they were ordained by God and granted the sole right to oppress you and suppress your rights to live with freedom, ravaging your economy and national treasures through massive acts of theft, even denying you the freedom to choose credible successors, brutally killing anyone who posses a challenge to them because to them that is defined as sedition? What about hose who ensure you never prosper in life because they believe such privileges were only meant for them and their families alone? What has suddenly gone wrong with this world, such that each person wants to hurt the other? What has happened to love, to ubuntu, to respect of human rights, to equality and self-consciousness?

But all these vices can be stopped, and the only person who has the power to change and correct all these malicious vices is YOU. It hurts to hear stories of how wives are abused in homes by their very own hubbies, being mercilessly beaten for no apparent reason; even being forced to apologise and beg for forgiveness from their beast husbands even when they were the ones offended. And making them take the seat of sub-humans in their homes, indeed, this world has gone boncus, berserk! It’s time you stood up and stopped the rot!

What recently happened on our political front is a testimony that nothing is impossible. All it takes is a bit of bravery, of coming back to one’s senses and understand that we all have the power to change our destiny. If your son is giving you sleepless nights with his theft of your household goods or any other vices he may be in, ‘’mupeleke ku police, a police nao azaweluza’’ as Paul Ngozi sung, then your headache will stop. If you are in a relationship and you are always crying, my dear, you are in love with onion, not a human. Do something about it, there are plenty of oranges out there!

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