PF FINISHED…it’s not going back to governance – Mwanza

EASTERN Province MDC chairperson Jacob Mwanza says the PF will never ever get back to government.

And Mwanza has congratulated Chipata Central member of parliament Reuben Mtolo Phiri on his appointment as agriculture minister.

Mwanza, who was Mtolo’s campaign manager in last month’s elections, likened PF to a dead body which never returns to the house after being taken to the grave.

“We want to ensure that this UPND Alliance is cemented. This alliance will continue up to 2026; that’s when a review will be done,” he told journalists on Wednesday. “I was talking to my colleague [Eastern Province] UPND chairperson [Johabie Mtonga] and we are agreed that we should move together in Kaumbwe Constituency and Lusangazi district council elections as an alliance so that we don’t leave anyone behind. That seat in Kaumbwe, we want to get the Lusangazi council chairperson seat.”

Mwanza appealed to people in Kaumbwe Constituency and Lusangazi district to vote for the alliance.

He said no one in Zambia would want to associate with PF again.

“In Eastern Province we have this belief, ‘ati maliro akachoka munyumba sabwelera olo kunkhale mvula bwanji (when a dead body is removed from home to the mortuary it does not return no matter how much it rains). Whether it is very hot or extremely cold as long as you remove the body and the coffin from the funeral house it cannot go back,” Mwanza added. “Similarly, PF is not going back into governance, whether they want it or not. By 31st December this year, PF will be completely finished. I don’t think going forward anybody will be comfortable enough voting for PF. I laugh a lot when I see someone putting binoculars around his neck and say all sorts of things. That binoculars will be too heavy for him, that neck will not carry that binoculars for long.”

Mwanza said the binoculars was of no use to Zambians.

And Mwanza expressed happiness over Phiri’s appointment.

“Now coming to Honourable Mtolo, he is not a mere member of parliament. He is a minister of agriculture; meaning that he is going to be a fulltime resident of Lusaka. As campaign manager for him, I have been receiving messages, invitations for him. Let me emphasise this to the people of Chipata Central Constituency that Hon Mtolo is not only our member of parliament but Minister of Agriculture,” said Mwanza. “As Minister of Agriculture, he will be all over Zambia but we shouldn’t think he has abandoned us because he is now a national asset. And there is no way he can just be coming out of Lusaka without express permission of the President.”

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