HH setting the standard of true servant leadership very high – Nyirenda

IT’S becoming crystal clear that President Hakainde Hichilema means business when it comes to effectively representing Zambia as a country and Zambians as a people, says Operation Young Vote.

In a statement yesterday, OYV executive director Guess Nyirenda said President Hichilema was seemingly not only changing the trajectory of leadership but also setting the standard of true and servant leadership very high.

He said it was no doubt that issues and substance in his maiden speech to the UN General Assembly and the eloquence, esteem, composure and steadfastness with which he delivered it caught the attention of everyone across the globe, leaders and citizens alike.

“President HH’s speech has ignited hope not only in the Zambian people but also across the globe. HH at the UN General Assembly particularly and at the international fora generally, presents a model of focused, servant leadership ready and willing to avoid sophistication and luxury but sacrifice knowing for sure that back home his citizens are lacking,” he said. “The simplistic gesture in his mode of movement and size of his entourage speaks volumes about a leader that does not entertain wasteful expenditure, avoidable consumption of resources.”

Nyirenda said it was clear that President Hichilema was alive to the many challenges Zambia was faced with which include the COVID-19 pandemic, debt status, overburdened currency, corruption, poverty, lack of opportunities and jobs, among many and would not want to use resources on himself at the expense of the challenges.

He added that President Hichilema was evidence that not all was lost in Africa and that Zambia could and was reclaiming its rightful position on the global space.

“It is highly elating that our own Republican President, His Excellency Mr Hakainde Hichilema would move the whole world in setting adorable leadership benchmarks, especially that his predecessor lowered them below the negatives,” Nyirenda said. “OYV notes with delight and pride at the manner HH is harnessing the democratic dividends and resounding victory he and his party received from the youth of Zambia at such international fora.”

He said it was encouraging to note that President Hichilema continued to attribute his victory to the youth of Zambia who turned up in huge numbers to vote, which was also noted by US President Joe Biden in his address to the UN General Assembly.

“The recognition by the two Presidents of the effort by the youth should make the youth realise their comparative role in democracy and governance. It is pleasing to note that we have leaders that recognise that power belongs to the people and not those in leadership. The mention by President HH, during his engagement with US Vice-President Kamala Harris, that the August 12, 2021 elections were determined by those that voted and not those that count votes needs not only commendation but also followed through and entrenched in our democratic dispensation if it is to thrive,” said Nyirenda. “As a young people’s platform and voice, OYV would like to urge the President, the UPND leadership and government to translate their positive strides at the UN General Assembly and the USA, into meaningful and tangible youth empowerment opportunities expeditiously as the expectations from the youth are very high due to the long spell of destitution they have been subject to by the previous regime.”

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