Banda urges UPND to implement free education policy

SOCIALIST Party’s Nkhumbwizya Banda says if the UPND government will implement the free education policy, it will reduce vices like early marriages and unintended pregnancies.

In an interview, Banda said the UPND government should walk their talk now that they are in power.

“If the UPND government implements the free education policy, from primary to college, it means there will be reduction of early and unintended pregnancies. This is because school fees are a great challenge among families and many fail to pay and pupils opt for marriage or engage in illicit acts to raise money by themselves and end up being impregnated,” Banda said. “Not only that, we expect the new government to reduce distances between communities and schools because in most remote areas, pupils have to cover long distances to access education and in between, the girl child becomes a victim. I am pretty sure our girls can be saved if the free education policy is implemented.”

Banda urged the government to deal with issues like bad road networks, unsafe drinking water, lack of medicine in health centres, unemployment, among others, that people grappled with in the previous regime.

“I think Zambians don’t expect those problems that we were experiencing in the previous regime. With this new regime of UPND, we need to see the change. They need to bring clean and safe water to the people, they need to offload medicines in clinics and hospitals, they need to work on various deplorable roads. When people in remotest areas don’t have good road network, it’s difficult for them to transport their goods to marketplaces,” she said.
And Banda expressed sadness that in Zambian politics, female candidates were not respected or protected from political thugs.

She recalled how some suspected PF cadres assaulted her during accreditation for the elections at council offices.

Banda recalled that suspected PF cadres from Petauke assaulted her and walked away with some documents.

She said she reported the matter to the police but nothing had happened to date.

Banda called on the UPND government to establish laws and regulations that protect the female politicians.

“As for me being a victim who was attacked, I feel there is more to put in place in safeguarding the rights of female candidates in political circles. On a day of accreditation, people who were dressed in PF regalia in a Land Cruiser came from behind and attacked me. They came wanting to grab my documents and the phone but only managed to go away with my documents then I realised I had blood and I never knew how they injured me in the fracas,” she narrated. “When this was happening, there were a lot of people, both men and women but nobody came to my rescue…I reported the matter to the police but up to date there is nothing that has been done. The culprits are well known cadres from Petauke, the vehicle number plate is known but the police remained mute about the incident.”

Banda said people in rural areas were going through hard times and need a listening government to rescue them.

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