I don’t need my salary from Parliament, it is meant for the people – Andeleki

[By Edwin Mbulo in Kazungula]

I DON’T need the salary from Parliament, it is meant for you the people of Kazungula, says Katombora Constituency UPND member of parliament Clement Andeleki.

He also says President Hakainde Hichilema is a like Moses who led an exodus of the Israelites out of the doldrums in Egypt and across the Red Sea into Canaan.

Addressing villagers on Saturday at Katapazi Community School in Kazungula on his continued thanksgiving tour of his constituency, Andeleki said he was not voted for to go and buy expensive suits in Parliament.

“The salary I get from Parliament I am distributing it. This morning I donated K20,000 in Kazungula, here (Katapazi village) I am donating K10,000 so that the head teacher and the PTA can use that money for those children who cannot afford,” he said. “That money came from Parliament to you people here. We will continue to collaborate to bring school desks. We don’t want to see children seating on the floor. I don’t need my salary from Parliament, it is meant for the people of Kazungula, Katombora who can’t afford…those who are living in severe hardship. The MP will be there together with the government, we don’t want people who drink dirty water. I have come here to ask those who are drinking dirty water to tell us where they are so that we can install boreholes for clean water. That is why you elected me to go into Parliament. You did not vote for me to go and buy expensive suits there.”

Andaleki asked the people of Katapazi to work with the UPND which puts the people’s plight first.

The former Registrar of Societies said the UPND government would add value to Zambia’s natural resources such as copper and also improve agriculture.

“I want to thank you for slapping the PF in the face,” he said.

Earlier in Kazungula, Andeleki told an SDA Church camp meeting that he was brought up by the Church of Christ who educated him after saving him from poverty as an orphan.

He appealed to youths to be disciplined and focus on education if they want to make it in life.
Andeleki appealed to the SDA to help the suffering children.

“I have heard that this Church has no water despite us being hosts to the Zambezi River. I have also heard that you have no electricity, so I whispered to my dear wife and together we agreed that we donate K10,000 cash now so that you connect power and K10,000 will come
inform of a cheque so that you can have water,” said Andeleki. “Please continue praying for President Hakainde Hichilema and myself. President Hichilema is like a Moses who saved his people from doldrums to a land known as Canaan. He needs your prayers, just like I do.”

And Pastor Moses Banda thanked Andeleki for the donation and assured him and President Hichilema of the SDA Church’s support.

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