We underestimated the mood of the people – Chenda Jr

EMMANUEL Chenda Junior says PF misunderstood people’s mood, hence the party’s heavy defeat last August as he announces quitting active politics.

Chenda is the son of PF founder member and Zambia’s outgoing Ambassador to Zimbabwe Emmanuel Chenda.

He also said there possibly was communication breakdown between the PF and the people.

“I think what led to that landslide kind of victory towards UPND and actually making PF get out of office, I see is, maybe there was communication breakdown between the electorate and the leadership,” he told The Mast in an interview. “We couldn’t read the mood of the people, and maybe we didn’t meet their expectations, hence them voting us out. I think we underestimated the mood of the people.”

On his decision to quit active politics, Chenda Jr believed that he had failed his followers.

He was until his quitting, Chibombo district PF chairman and the party’s parliamentary losing candidate in Keembe Constituency.

“From the loss at my level and nationwide, and being in the leadership of PF; having taken into account that the hallmark of a good leader is satisfying the expectations of your followers, having seen what had transpired in the August elections on 12th, I feel I failed my followers as district chairperson,” said Chenda Jr. “So, hence, I’m making it to the nation to know that I’ve withdrawn from being district chairman of PF. And I just want to live my quiet life and concentrate on my farm. I’ve stayed out of politics for now. I just want to concentrate on my farm. I’ve done it just the way other reasonable leaders like the SG (secretary general Davies Mwila) and the president (Edgar Lungu) and the national chairman (Samuel Mukupa) [have done].”

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