I don’t know where that lady has come from – Bowman

A 24-YEAR-OLD woman of Lusaka has dragged Kabushi PF member of parliament Bowman Lusambo to the Zambia Police Child Protection Unit demanding child support.

But Lusambo says Mercy is provoking him stressing that he has never met her before and her claims are not supported by any facts.

Mercy Cowham, a resident of Zanimuone, is demanding support to her three children allegedly fathered by the former Lusaka Province minister.

Cowham, who is expecting her fourth child, charged that Lusambo does not support his children Chipego, Grace and Ulusambo whom she has since taken to Chipata.

She said she decided to take her children to Chipata after it became apparent that Lusambo who had earlier promised to marry her started avoiding her.

According to a police call out issued on September 23 by the Child Protection Unit, Lusambo was scheduled to appear before it yesterday, Monday September 27.

“I am Matongo Mercy Cowham. I have a problem with Bowman. He does not support his three children – Chipego, Grace and Ulusambo. He does not support his children who are now in Chipata eating sweet potatoes while he enjoys T-bone here in Lusaka,” Cowham said. “At the moment I live in Zanimuone area in six miles because I cannot afford to even take care of myself as I do not work.”

She said a number of journalists and court marshals have tried to get Lusambo to talk and explain why he does not support his children but “he keeps giving promises as though he is in a political campaign”.

“There is nothing happening so I need your help to fish in him out because he has been…all the people and institutions I have run to for help. I wonder why he cannot give me the same money he is wasting…people,” she said. “That money he keeps giving people to sweep the matter under the carpet could be used to take care of my children.”

Cowham added that the money could also buy her mealie-meal, groceries and pay for the
children’s school fees.

She complained that she wants her children in Lusaka and in school to avoid the danger of them growing up as cattle and goat herders.

“I took my children to Chipata since there is no support. What will they eat here in Lusaka? Things are expensive in the city. I am also a loafer seeking assistance. The feet are even cracked because of my state. Lusambo has been running away from me,” Cowham explained. “I obtained a call out but when I served him he refused to get it. Why is he refusing because we are supposed to be at the police so that we can chart the way forward. From Friday until today he has been refusing to get the call out.”

She said Lusambo’s first child Chipego was born in 2015 while Grace is two years and eight months old.

Cowham further explained that the third child Ulusambo is only one year and seven months old. Cowham is currently six months pregnant.

She said she started dating Lusambo in 2014 but his promises of marrying have been a tale that has produced three children and another one the way.

Cowham narrated that she only knew that Lusambo was married in Lusaka at the time she was pregnant with Ulusambo.

She said their affair started on the Coperbelt but after his dodgy behaviour she started suspecting that the Kabushi lawmaker was serving two homes in Ndola and Lusaka.
“After his dubious behaviour I traveled to Lusaka to confront him. I went to his house with Ulusambo on my back and that’s when I met his wife. He promised to take care of us saying he will buy a house for his children and give me money for business but all that has not happened,” she said. “If he is saying there is no truth in what I am saying let him face me. Why is he hiding? Let him face me and shame me that what I am saying is not true.”

Cowham said she was not mad to, “of all men claim that Lusambo is the father of my children”.

She challenged Lusambo to a paternity test once.

Cowham claimed that in the past she has challenged Lusambo to do a DNA
test on the three girls but he has refused to avail himself.

“I asked him to go for a DNA test but he is refusing as well. I reported the matter here at Child Protection Unit but he has not come. He refused to get the call out…I don’t know why he is refusing to get the call out. If he is clean he could have accepted the call out and come here. This pregnancy you see here is his. I last saw him in March but he has been avoiding me. He should just be a man so that we go for the paternity test,” said Cowham. “I can’t just wake up and say Bowman is the father of my children from nowhere. He now is claiming that I am mad! He is stubborn, he doesn’t want to talk. So what does he expect me to do? He is the one who is not normal. If he is saying that I am not normal then we, the both of us should be taken to Chainama Hospital for examination.”

But Lusambo who did not appear at the CPU having refused to accept the police call out said the lady in question was not normal.

He said he has never met her before and her claims are not supported by any facts.

“Imwe, cipuba ico. Cilishilu; e cimuntu mwingalacita entertain ico? (Please, that one is a fool. She is mad; is that a person you should be entertaining?)? That girl is now provoking me. You know I don’t know where that lady has come from. I really don’t know. Wamona, nshamwishiba. Kale ayamba ifyabupuba ifyo. (You see I do not know this person. She started this silly behaviour a lot time ago.,” Lusambo said.

He said the case was earlier dwelt with by police at Long acres but that when they claimed they were keeping his daughters he got confused because he does not have any illegitimate children.

“She has been claiming that I have those children with her but I said ‘you idiot what children? I don’t know you, I have never seen you in my life’,” explained Lusambo. “She is like a mad person. I saw the children and asked their names and she said this one is Lusambo Lusambo! But sure, kuti nainika umwana ishina ati Lusambo Lusambo? Wamona, alipena uyo gelo (Lusambo Lusambo! But sure, can I really name a child Lusambo Lusambo? You see, that woman is mad).”

Cowham’s trip to the CSU hit a snag as the police advised her to make sure she serves Lusambo with the call out.

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