Only a colonised mind can celebrate aid, says Silumbe

ONLY a colonised mind can celebrate aid given to Zambia, says Leadership Movement president Richard Silumbe.

Dr Silumbe said Zambians cannot celebrate US $18.1 million USAID funding to Zambia or International Monetary Fund funding.

“Leadership Movement calls on the government to embrace production through agriculture, mining and manufacturing,” he said. “Only a colonised mind can celebrate aid given to Zambia. We as a people need to apply our abundant labour and energy on our natural resources, and produce something (products) to offer the world so that we can genuinely get their money as forex. Anything else is slavery and colonialism (dependency syndrome).”

He said it was high time Zambians changed direction, approach and bring about policies that could develop Zambia as many people were expecting millions of jobs to be created.

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