PF was den of criminality, says Phiri

PF was a den of criminality and those involved should be jailed, says Copperbelt Advocates for Justice and Peace executive director Abraham Phiri.

Phiri said it is shocking that PF vice-president Given Lubinda can even complain when US President Joe Biden called the PF corrupt.

He said the Zambians should be thanked for removing the corrupt criminal elements of PF from power.

“It is even an understatement for President Joe Biden to call the PF corrupt regime. These were a group of criminal elements. A den of criminality. This is what the PF was, and in all fairness, these criminals should be sent to jail,” Phiri said.

He said Lubinda should not complain because there is evidence to the criminal acts of the PF.

Phiri said the law enforcement wings are not even doing justice to the people of Zambia by delaying the investigations.

“There is overwhelming evidence against the PF criminal acts. I just wonder why the law enforcement wings are taking so long to bring the criminals to book. PF was a group of criminally minded people,” he said. “There is nothing to talk about the PF today. These guys were just something, we can’t imagine. Can you imagine if PF had won the election, we could not have a country! Even the US President is aware of the corrupt regime the PF was. What a shame for Lubinda to cry foul.”

Phiri said the people of Zambia should know how the PF looted public resources for personal gain.
“While the majority of our people are in abject poverty, the PF was busy stealing, looting public funds without shame. But all this was happening under the face of Edgar Lungu,” charged Phiri. “So it is Edgar Lungu to blame here because he presided over a cabinet and a party of criminal elements. This we have said and we will continue to say without shame.”

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