HH ANNOYS CHANGALA…we smell a rat, fade up with govt approach to corruption

BREBNER Changala says people are getting fed up with the new government’s approach to fighting corruption.

Changala is challenging the presidency to explain what is causing the delay in arresting suspects in some straightforward cases.

He further asks if there has been a deal between the government and known suspects to abandon the fight so that no one gets prosecuted.

“The presidency has refused to make the previous government officials account for their misconduct. And the presidency must explain why this inertia. Is there any deal behind the scenes that the people of Zambia are not aware of because we are sick and tired of waiting and being told to wait,” Changala said in an interview yesterday. “We smell a rat, something is rotten somewhere because criminals now are going public saying, ‘we are still in charge, we are running the country’. And they are still mocking Zambians who rose at 04:00AM to go and vote and remove a pernicious administration, a criminal organisation masquerading as a political party. We are now getting fed up with the current administration and its approach to the fight against corruption. It seems there’s a deal somewhere and we are not aware.”

Changala said he suspected a conspiracy between the government and some corrupt PF officials.

He said there was no need for government to keep people speculating instead of updating them on investigations, if any.

“I want to incite the powers that be, that the grand corruption that we experienced in this country cannot just thin away due to the inertia of the new administration. The people of Zambia voted for change so that the truth can be known,” Changala added. “But where we see a conspiracy is where even matters that are clearly straightforward and evidence is there that there’s K65 million [suspected to have been stolen] the police have decided to go as business as usual, leaving the people of Zambia guessing and speculating; turning them into a collection of rumour mongers when the police should do a daily or weekly update to bring the people into light with what was happening under the PF administration.”

He warned that people’s confidence in government was fading away.

“And the other danger we see, the same people who were protecting the system and protecting its corruption are the same people they are telling us will investigate. These same people are actually accomplices. They escorted the previous government to conduct bank robberies, and today you want them to investigate matters in which they participated?” said Changala. “This is annoying. And it’s bringing the people’s confidence in this government to the lowest ebb. And the blame must fall on the shoulders of the new Head of State. The kind of investigations and the speed at which they’re going is very annoying.”

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