HH MUST BE CAREFUL…before his speeches haunt him – PF

THE PF in Eastern Province has urged President Hakainde Hichilema to be careful with his speeches before they haunt him in the near future.

The former ruling party asked President Hichilema to mature in his comments and avoid press conferences that do not yield anything tangible adding that, “people won’t eat speeches”.

The party said, “If there is anyone to respect himself is HH and his cadres. They have no sense of humour or remorse”.

Last Thursday, President Hichilema asked the PF to behave themselves.

“PF members, I want to appeal to you, behave yourselves. Don’t provoke a situation that we are managing well,” he said during a press conference at State House. “…So, PF, behave yourselves. You’re lucky that HH is the President of Zambia, you’re very lucky. So, behave yourselves! Let sleeping dogs lie. But for you sleeping dogs, keep lying there.”

He reminded the former ruling party to appreciate that it was the UPND which won the August polls.

President Hichilema said had PF won, there would have been bloodshed all over the country.
“PF must say ‘thank you’ to us. Sometimes they must say thank you to us. If it was PF that won the 2021 elections, blood would have been all over,” President Hichilema said. “I was told myself that I was fit for a bullet in my head. Have you forgotten? And that after election, the first action my colleague was going to embark on was to put me behind bars. 15 times was not enough, he needed me to be there again.”

He pleaded with the PF to stop provoking UPND members who have been disciplined so far.

“…if we allow the UPND members to revenge, how will the people live in the communities? By now you know that UPND are in the majority, isn’t it? How will PF live in Mandevu?” he asked. “How will PF live in Chawama if we say to a UPND member ‘revenge, avenge’? What will
happen? Think for a moment. It is my duty, my singular honour to restore order in this country.”

He said PF would find his advice valuable in future.

“But, did they allow us to wear our uniform? Did they allow us to trade in the markets? Did they allow a taxi driver who wore a UPND T-shirt at a taxi rank, was he allowed to do business there?” asked President Hichilema. “Taxi drivers, minibus drivers [at] Kulima Tower
[bus station in Lusaka] they were being beaten for a kill. You will find this valuable in a few years’ time. You’ll come and cherish this decision that I took. You’ll look back and respect me then.”

But Eastern Province information and publicity secretary William Phiri said President Hichilema should not be too casual in his comments.

“In the first place it’s unfortunate that a republican president could issue such disturbing comments that have potential to ignite a genocide. Mr Hichilema should not be too casual in his comments because in a way, he is trying to incite violence in the country,” he said. “The country knows too well that before, during and after the general elections, the UPND had already made up a plan to cause mayhem in the country worst still if they had lost.”

Phiri charged that the death of North Western Province PF chairman Jackson Kungo was and “is one good example of the brutal actions of the UPND”, which were supported by the leadership.

“If there is anyone to respect himself is HH and his cadres. They have no sense of humour or remorse. They have no respect for law enforcement agencies such as the police. Few weeks ago, a police officer in uniform was hacked with a machete by UPND cadres in Lusaka. The UPND and its leadership remained mute over the incidence. Surprisingly, even the so-called civil rights activists in Zambia failed to condemn such barbaric acts of the UPND,” he charged. “A president like HH cannot talk of revenge even if he is just giving an example. He should be talking peace and order. He should be taking of reconciliation and forgiveness. The biggest problem of UPND, they have no one to advise HH. They are all scared of the headman because they can be banished from the village. It’s a one man show in UPND.”

Phiri said President Hichilema should not preach hate because the country will be messed up.

“President Hichilema should remember that he won’t be President forever. He will one day be either ousted by another party or he will not be eligible for a third term after exhausting the two terms. He must be careful with his speeches before they haunt him in the near future,” he said.

“We all know that if PF had won the general election, the country would have plunged into a civil war because HH wouldn’t have accepted defeat like last time. Actually, it’s HH who should be thankful to ECL (Edgar Chagwa Lungu) for handing over the instruments of power in a peaceful manner.”

Phiri said President Hichilema should learn from his predecessors who never incited violence or hate speech.

“Let HH mature in his grammar and avoid press conferences that don’t yield anything tangible in solving the many problems this nation is facing. People won’t eat speeches. We need an action-oriented government like the PF – they walked the talk, talk alone is cheap,” said Phiri. “In our view, the UPND were and are not ready to govern. It’s job on training for them and it’s going to be a bumpy ride till 2026. They have no plan hence revisiting their vomits and trying to get the people of Zambia into a sympathy mood. Zambians are waiting for free education, cheap mealie-meal, cheap fertiliser, fuel at K5 per litre and dollar at K7.”

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