UPND, STOP FLIP-FLOPPING…people may view us as bunch of promissory notes, warns Mpombo

STOP flip-flopping on your important campaign promises or people may view you as a bunch of promissory notes, George Mpombo advises UPND.

Mpombo, a former defence minister, described the August 12 elections as “a bolt of lightning”.

In an interview with The Mast, Mpombo who also served as Kafulafuta MMD member of parliament said President Hakainde Hichilema’s critical vote-catching promises are yet to be fulfilled.

“Edwin, the UPND must stop flip-flopping on their important and sacrosanct campaign promises or else people may begin viewing us as a bunch of promissory notes,” he warned.

Mpombo added that the grandiose campaign promises “need some unambiguous implementation”.

Asked on which areas the UPND was flip-flopping, Mpombo said the critical “vote-catching promises like free education, reduction of fertiliser to K250 per bag and the selling of the
Presidential Gulf Stream Jet are the ones yet to be tackled”.

Asked on the downfall of the PF and Edgar Lungu, Mpombo who served under presidents Levy Mwanawasa and Rupiah Banda said the defeat of PF by the UPND was a bolt of lightning. “Nobody saw it coming. Even the most prudent political pundits were taken aback,” he noted.

Mpombo compared former president Lungu’s defeat to that of late Malawi’s Kamuzu Banda who “lost in serious circumstances”.

And Mpombo said he has of late not been giving media interviews.

“[But] Edwin, you have been so persistent. I never give interviews these days – always great pleasure dealing with you. I am sure I can vamos (go) now,” said Mpombo.

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