Hamuhuma challenges SMEs ministry to embrace all, including the marginalised

ENLIGHT Abilities chief executive officer Miyoba Hamuhuma says the newly created small and medium enterprise ministry should embrace everyone, including the marginalised.

And Hamuhuma says a lot of disabled people need mobility aids.

In an interview after the organisation donated a wheel to a seven-year-old boy of Chipata’s East Rise who suffers from cerebral palsy, Hamuhuma urged the ministry to clearly state how it is planning to incorporate people with disabilities especially the youths.

“Of course, we have been talking about inclusion but if we are not careful, we might forget the marginalised grouping, especially the people with disabilities,” he said. “I would like to appeal to the minister of this new ministry to avail to us clear plans on how the ministry would like to incorporate the people with disabilities. We have youths who have potential but they had no chance to go to school and are in these rural areas.”

Hamuhuma appealed to people with disabilities to come out in the open so that they are identified.

“Please, voice out. Let people know your challenges. Not only that, the public should also know that you have got capabilities. You can perform, but all you need are these opportunities and facilities so you could also excel in life. No one would like to be a beggar but sometimes, situations force people to become beggars,” he said.

He also said he does not support calls for the establishment of a new ministry for disability.

Hamuhuma said creating a ministry of disability would be defeating the whole purpose of inclusion.

“For me, I think the best could be to refine the Act that was used to establish Zambia Agency for Persons with Disabilities. I would like to see this agency being placed under the Vice-President’s office and then appoint a coordinator at the level of permanent secretary,” he said.

Earlier, Hamuhuma said he was happy that the organisation responded to the request of a wheelchair for seven-year Solomon Mbambo.

He said Solomon would be starting school in January 2022 and that the wheelchair would make a huge impact in his life.

Hamuhuma said there were a number of disabled children that were in need of mobility aids.
He said the wheelchair worth over K25,000 was sourced through the Ministry of Education.
Solomon’s father Julius Mbambo said he was happy that Enlight Abilities had come to the aid of his child.

Mbambo said he had no capacity to buy a wheelchair for his child.

Solomon’s mother Faneli Tembo said the wheelchair would go a long way in helping her child.

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