Levy Ngoma requests court to order recount of Sinda votes

LOSING UPND Sinda candidate Levy Ngoma has asked the High Court to order for a vote recount in the constituency because of irregularities.

And Ngoma says chieftainess Kawaza of the Chewa people directed her headmen to instruct people to vote for PF failure to which they would lose their land.

Ngoma has petitioned the election of PF’s Masauso Tembo and the matter is before Lusaka judge Susan Wenjelani who is sitting in Chipata.

He has also sued the Electoral Commission of Zambia as a second respondent.

Testifying in the matter on Tuesday, Ngoma said Tembo got 11,807, and he got 9,821 votes but said the results were highly in doubt because of anomalies.

He said in some polling stations like Chimbeza and Chamayela, the results that were announced at the polling station did not match with the results that were announced at the totalling centre.

Ngoma, who is UPND’s chairperson for agriculture, said in some polling stations his agents were refused access to the Gen 20 forms.

“The tallying of votes by the ECZ left much to be desired. There were a number of errors and irregularities. My presidential candidate Hakainde Hichilema won in Sinda and I was his biggest campaigner. The votes at presidential and parliamentary level would have somehow tallied,” he said.

Ngoma, who is represented by Christopher Besa of MB Christopher Legal Practitioners, said a vote recount could put the matter to rest.

“I am here before the court to seek the truth. This truth can only be found if the court can order for a recount of the ballots which are being held by the second respondent which is ECZ. I believe that if a recount is granted, it can reveal a different picture and put the matter to rest,” he said.

Ngoma said the first respondent facilitated the registration of Mozambicans and other voters from Mkaika and Kapoche constituencies.

He said the first respondent also ferried voters to the polling stations and fed them.

Ngoma said Kawaza held meetings with her headmen where she ordered them to instruct their people in villages to vote for the first respondent failure to which they would face severe consequences such as having their land grabbed.

He said Kawaza’s threats to the headmen affected his performance because a traditional leader was highly respected.

Ngoma said during PF running mate Professor Nkandu Luo’s meeting in Sinda which was also attended by the first respondent, Kawaza repeated the directive to the headmen.

He said other than headmen, spiritual leaders also played a negative role.

Ngoma said while in Sinda, Prof Luo called for a meeting for about 70 pastors.

“At this meeting, my party was labelled that it doesn’t follow Christian values. The pastors were told that if UPND is voted into office, the country’s Christian nation declaration will be removed and gay marriages will be allowed in Zambia. At the same meeting, the pastors were given K15,000 to share among themselves,” he said.

Ngoma said at another meeting Kawaza called for for men of God, where he was labelled a problem in the province because he did not want to subscribe to what the province wanted by belonging to UPND when the province was for PF.

He said about 200 headmen were given bicycles by the first respondent during a campaign meeting on condition that they vote for him and his party.

In cross-examination by John Phiri of JMP and associates, Ngoma said President Hakainde Hichilema won in Sinda while the UPND won five out of eight wards.

When asked that he was aggrieved because the UPND did not win all the seats, Ngoma said he was aggrieved because there were a lot of electoral malpractices.

Asked whether he had a video or recording of the activities of the first respondent, Ngoma said he did not have.

He said he was aware of the conflict management committee that was put in place by ECZ.
Asked whether he had lodged a complaint to any law enforcement or ECZ over the 200 bicycles that the first respondent distributed, Ngoma said he did not.

He however said he informed the district electoral officer over the issue of bicycles and the activities of the first respondent adding that he was told that they would deal with the issues.

Ngoma said he had no video or images of Kawaza’s meetings where she was ordering headmen to vote for PF.

Hearing continues.

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