Nevers vows to exorcise demons haunting MMD

NEVERS Mumba says the statement purporting he has gone on sabbatical leave is fake news coming from a sick and depraved mind and demonstrates the emptiness of the previous type of politics.

Mumba said he started casting out demons when he was 17-years-old and even the demons spreading lies against him shall be cast out.
He was responding to a report attributed to MMD spokesperson Cephas Mukuka that he had resigned from being leader of MMD and that he has gone on sabbatical leave.

The report indicated that national secretary Elizabeth Chitika had taken over as acting President while Mumba’s spokesperson Dr Mwaka Twagirayesu as acting national secretary.
Mumba said the statement was fake news coming from sick and depraved minds.

He said it was from the kind of politics that runs away from dealing with issues affecting Zambians and doubles in lying, injuring the personality and image of other people.

“That statement alleges that I, Nevers Mumba, has resigned from being leader of MMD. Some other versions indicate that I have taken leave, other versions have gone as far as saying I have gone on a sabbatical. It further alleges that our national secretary of the New Hope MMD Mrs Elizabeth Chitika is now the acting president and that Dr Mwaka Twagirayesu is now the acting national secretary,” Mumba said. “I usually do not respond to such issues but we are in a place today politically which we must make sure that we are on top creating a new political mood in our nation. A mood of respect, truthfulness, honesty, integrity and morality in politics. I am of the view that the old politics of yesterday we saw the past 10 years is now, thank God, behind us. Politics of maturity, politics of integrity and intelligence, politics of intelligent debates is now what is going to take over hopefully in the running the affairs of our country.”

Mumba said his involvement in politics had not been an easy road and he was not doing it for himself.

He said he had gone through humiliation, insults and deprivations because he believed time for people of morality and integrity to be encouraged to participate in the politics of the country was now.

“I have been in the frontline to be injured on a daily basis. I am ready to take it because my vision from the time I was young with Zambia Shall Be Saved. I am ready to pay the highest price. I have already paid the highest price of humiliation, the highest price of being insulted just for being involved in the political process, being told that as a pastor, and as child of God, I do not qualify to participate in the political process of this country and therefore groups have risen up that are going to fight to the fullest to ensure that, that determination, men and women that believe in God and trust God, are not going to be given an opportunity,” he said.

Mumba said he had shed tears, wondering how long the demonic powers would continue to work.
He said when the bible says many are the afflictions of the righteous, “it means this”.

He said he would rather have people that had fought him from the first day he got involved in politics, who believe only they qualify, not only to be involved in politics but to lead the MMD and if they were not leading it, they were going to do whatever they could to distract, destroy and stand in the way of democracy.

Mumba said MMD had spent the last 30 days self-assessing and had set up a committee involved in self-assessment and rebranding.

He said last Saturday the NEC met and studied the report of self-assessment and rebranding.

“And I think it was because of the process of self-assessing and rebranding that some people were agitated that MMD was about to rise again,” he said.

Mumba said the heavily sponsored group had been releasing statements, most of them designed to injure his image in the political arena and make him look like a lunatic.

“I want to thank all the major media networks, all credible media networks in our country who have called our office, our spokesperson and even myself to verify the genuineness of that statement and as a result they have been given the truth and have not run that story but there are other media that do not have what it takes to do investigative journalism to understand whether that issue is true or not and have run the story,” Mumba said.

He said there was nothing like going on Sabbatical leave in politics.

“You put your hand to the plough and you don’t look back,” Mumba said.

He said the people that ran the story were the ones that ran another story that he had withdrawn from the August 12 presidential race and that he had dissolved MMD.

Mumba said MMD operates on professional anvils of the law and therefore follows its own laws.

“These people that have been working behind the back of Movement for Multiparty Democracy are now concerned that through this rebranding…reformation that we are about to announce to the nation, they will be left out in the cold and they will have nothing to write about,” Mumba said.

He said only the NEC had mandate to make major decisions.

Mumba said everything that Zambians do not like must be removed from MMD.

“We must line up with the young people that have decided to take this nation to the next level. They are not going to entertain any organisation that refuses to reform and line up with the new generation of Zambians,” he said.

He said MMD under his leadership shall not die and that everything they went through were a reminder that such were things Zambians do not like.

“And I am not going to be that leader who lives in yesterday. I will live in the now and tomorrow for the benefit of our children, our children’s children until Zambia is truly saved,” he said.

Mumba said the group that had been fighting him was funded by PF.

He thanked God that the PF did not win the election otherwise MMD would have been taken over by the PF.

Mumba said he was targeted for attacks to scatter MMD members.

“God himself intervened and created a new government that has announced that illegalities are not going to be part and parcel of their governance,” he said.

He hoped the UPND administration would not depart from such pronouncement.

Mumba said the MMD had now decided to report those behind the fake news to ZICTA and the police for impersonation of its spokesperson Dr Mukuka using a fake account.

He vowed that those behind the demonic statements against him and MMD would be hunted down.

Mumba advised law enforcement agencies not to take fake news lightly.

He told Zambians that he was not in politics to look for a job but in it because God had called him there.

Mumba also said even if he gets zero in an election, he would still stand strong.

He said now was President Hakainde Hichilema’s turn and would not do anything that jeopardises his time to assert himself.

Mumba said when the UPND goes wrong, his voice would be loud and clear.

“For now what you have heard about me going on sabbatical is coming from the depths of hell, demons themselves. I want to say today that I started casting out demons when I was 17-years-old and even these demons shall be cast out,” Mumba said.

He also urged investigative wings to do their part in the fight against corruption.

He said giving a mafia group a day was as bad as 100 days to hide their tracks and destroy evidence.

Mumba advised them to move at supersonic speed to arrest those that had injured Zambians.

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