PF can only bounce back if we adopt sober approach to things – Siachoona

SOUTHERN Province PF vice chairman Simalonga Siachoona says the former ruling party can only bounce back to power if it adopts a sober approach to things.

“We have to be sober in character and what we say. We must be sober in the way we do things because Zambians are comparing. They are saying there was this government and there is this government now,” he said. “So the Zambian people are every day and night comparing to say ‘are we better than the way we were under PF or now under UPND?’ So it’s up to us as PF to behave in a manner that Zambians will have preference to us and say if we gave PF a chance they will govern us like this. The language that we use to Zambians is very important.”

Siachoona said it took UPND several years to win an election because partly they had concentrated so much on Southern, North Western and Western provinces.

“This time they broke the barriers. They went into other regions and got votes that they needed to form government. And on 12 August people voted for them and they stopped being tribal as we always accused them. They stopped believing in regionalism,” he said. “So as PF, the party that has been in government, we must be against words that can divide the Zambian people. Words that Zambians may think only certain regions, only certain tribes must be the ones in authority. If we can get away from that, if people can see PF as national in character then we must be bouncing back to power in 2026. That is what we should do and that’s what UPND did for them to be in power now.”

Siachoona said it was too early to judge UPND.

“We must give them a little bit of time and that’s being realistic and objective. Yes, they made promises but they didn’t give us the time frame. If we tease them now they will say we have just assumed office even though when they were campaigning they talked as if they were going to do things the following day. But that’s just campaign language,” he said. “And now we need to say these people are now in office. Let’s be realistic, how long can we give them – how long can they take to settle down. To say okay guys, you have been around why is this not happening? Why is the mealie meal not being reduced to K50? Why is fertiliser not coming down to K250? Why is it that you have not given the civil servants K1,500 salary increment as you promised?”

Siachoona called for objectivity among opposition parties.

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