Many times presidents act on falsehood – Mukuka

POLITICAL researcher Cephas Mukuka says those who surround the Presidency should make sure that they help build the leader up using verified information and data.

Dr Mukuka said there was no doubt whatsoever suggesting that President Hakainde Hichilema’s campaign promises were not being pursued.

“In just few days in the office, he has restored order, dignity and integrity back to the nation. The appointments of honorables Felix Mutati, Situmbeko Musokotwane, Elijah Muchima, Sylvia Tembo Masebo, and Charles Milupi are a plus not only to the UPND but equally to the nation at large,” he said.

Dr Mukuka said experienced politicians would help guide the new and young ministers who were coming in for the very first time.

“We need the political veterans because of what they carry in various fields and specialties. The first comers in Parliament can make good use of them even at ministerial levels. The globe actually revolves around this very set up,” he said. “The presidency receives a lot of information, whose information can be true or false. The more reason those who surround the President should make sure that they help build up the man using verified information and data. Many a time presidents act on falsehood and realise when it is too late.”

Dr Mukuka said Kingsley Chanda as commissioner general of the Zambia Revenue Authority performed exceptionally well and was able to meet and surpass targets in collecting the much needed taxes and revenues for the nation.

“The man should have been given a chance to finish his contract to the benefit of the young ones at the Authority and the nation at large.

Different people have different managerial skills in pursuing targets and goals. The danger here is that we may have a new man who will fail to meet targets or exceed expectations and put the national treasury in jeopardy,” he said. “Zambia is battling to have that huge debt which the Edgar Lungu administration accumulated, hence the need to have a highly skilled persona at the ZRA of the likes of Dr Kingsley Chanda to help in bringing every little kwacha to the national treasury. As I have said President Hichilema is in the right direction so far but small mistakes like this one at the ZRA, may be costly.”

Dr Mukuka said it was the responsibility of well-meaning citizens to voice out with respect and whisper to the President before it was too late.
“President Hichilema has the prerogative to appoint and to disappoint. We pray going forward certain serious considerations shall be taken into account like he did in the case of the immediate past Zambia Army, Zambia National Service, and the Zambia Air Force commanders,” said Dr Mukuka. “He appreciated their service to the nation and promised to take them elsewhere to serve Zambia in different capacities. Mr President, that’s the way to go. It’s not war or political thuggery but trying to whisper that my President remains focused.”

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