PF still in control of certain govt institutions, says Sensele

[By Edwin Mbulo in Mongu]

PRESIDENT Hakainde Hichilema needs to be careful because the PF is still in control of certain government institutions, warns former Livingstone district commissioner Paul Sensele.

And Sensele has welcomed the removal of Zambia Revenue Authority commissioner general Kingsley Chanda saying he had raised the number of unemployment in Zambia by sending clearing agents onto the streets.

In an interview, Sensele – who is NDC member of the central committee – said most senior government officials such as deputy permanent secretaries and district commissioners are diehard PF cadres.

“I read the circular from Secretary to Cabinet Dr Simon Miti dated 7th October 2021 in which he extends the leave for DCs. We don’t need an extension we need total clean up. These DCs abused state vehicles campaigning for Edgar Lungu,” he said. “Edgar Lungu towards August 12 promoted some DCs to deputy PS (deputy permanent secretary) and appointed those who were vying for adoption as MPs or mayors as DCs. So I would like to warn President Hakainde Hichilema that he needs to be careful because the PF is still in control of certain government institutions.”

Sensele said he agrees with UPND founder member Emmanuel Hachipuka who asked President Hichilema to listen to the party on certain issues of governance.

He however, said he knows that President Hichilema wants to do the best for the entire country thus his “slow but well calculated time to act on certain appointments and disappointments”.

On Chanda’s removal, Sensele said it was saddening that at “this time and age” a government building could be turned into a white elephant in reference to the closure of the Livingstone ZRA in-land dry port near Zambia Railways Station.

“The man made clearing agents jobless and it is good that President Hakainde Hichilema has listened to their cries,” said Sensele.

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