MANDEVU Body Building Association on Saturday night hosted the second edition of Mr Mandevu body building contest which saw Davey ‘Cena’ Mwamba dethroning Brian ‘Spider’ Hakapelwa.

Mwamba, who is the 2018 Mr Garden, out muscled 14 bodybuilders to walk away with K6,000 cash prize with groceries and supplements.

The event which was co-hosted alongside modeling, saw the famous Garden’s Cockpit night club fill to full to capacity.

Spectators included Vice-President Mutalem Nalumango’s daughter Sepiso and UPND youth and sport deputy chairman Isidone Tetamashimba.

Sepiso pledged a K10,000 and urged youths to bring out the best in themselves and develop their talents.

“The event looked wonderful and I saw Zambian youths bringing out the best in their talent, which is modeling and body building. And I am encouraging all youths out there, regardless what talent you have; be it singing and all, do it to your best because even the word of God says ‘your talent shall create room at the table of great men of the city,” said Sepiso. “So, whatever your talent is, as a youth put it to good use. And out all that diligence, you must work hard for that talent. Many have the talent but they don’t shine because they don’t work hard.”

And Tetamashimba graced the event with a K15,000 cash donation to help with the running of the association.

“Such events are welcome because they move youths away from doing bad things. And there is a new ministry that has been created to just appreciate even those doing sports and sport in the country has gone down,’’ said Tetamashimba. ‘’I am very delighted that in Mandevu we can have such talent. I am just encouraging them to go ahead with many sports activities as they help to empower youths, and they should know that there is a president in HH who cares for them and is ready to support them. Next time we are invited we are going to do more, and as a youth what I can do is to support my fellow youth and I will speak on their behalf.”

For the champion Mwamba, he urged all youths in Mandevu to take up sport, adding that it has the chance to brighten their future.

“I am very happy to know that even the daughter to the Vice-President is here to watch us, it gives us more courage to work extra hard. As a youth, I want to urge them to work extra hard and do sports because it has the future,” said Mwamba. “I want to thank all the sponsors who have come on body and looking forward to next tournaments.”

Association treasury Levy Nkonde said the executive had set 2021 as the year to empower youths through sport.

“We have received so much support from the members that are in the national executive of UPND, including the daughter to the Vice-President because we were not going to have this show if they did not come on board. And we appreciate them as Mandevu constituency Body Building Association,’’ said Nkonde.

“Our theme this year is to empower youths through sports because we want these youths to move away from abusing drugs and vices that can damage their lives. We really want to promote youths to venture into sports, not only in body building, but there are several sports disciplines in our constituency. The previous government all the did on the youths was to promote violence. But here we want to promote hard work in youths because we are definitely the future.”

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