THERE’LL BE RESISTANCE…in achieving change, says Milupi

[By Edwin Mbulo in Limulunga]

PLEASE let’s have patience because some projects will be achieved very fast but others will not due to depleted coffers we found, says Charles Milupi.

The Minister of Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development says the new dawn government under President Hakainde Hichilema is a very serious one.

Meanwhile, the Ngambela Manyando Mukela of the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) says Western Province was deliberately “slowed down by the previous administration be it in education, roads, colleges and other things so we are in a hurry to catch up”.

Addressing the BRE’s Kuta at Limulunga and Muoyo Palaces under the Litunga of the Lozi people and her royal highness chieftainess Litunga La-Mboela of Lwampa chiefdom of Nalolo and Senanga districts on Sunday, Milupi said due to the low national coffers the UPND government inherited it is considering restructuring debt or engaging into Private Public Partnerships (PPP) to work on some infrastructure developments.

“We need your support as the BRE. Please let’s have patience. Some projects we will achieve very fast but others we will not due to the depleted coffers we found,” he said in response to induna Kalonga who asked why a certain road was not mentioned on the list of the priority roads.

Milupi added that the government under President Hichilema was so serious hence he was with the RDA team led by its chief executive officer George Manyele, UPND secretary general Batuke Imenda, Western Province minister Kapelwa Mbangweta and other senior government officials on his tour.

He added that in achieving change there will be resistance but indicated that “as you (leaders) set an example, people will start to follow. So even the people who resist change will start to change.”

“The police as well as the Judiciary, I feel sorry for them. People who really don’t do their job professionally because they are being paid (bribed), there is nobody who will protect you. President Hichilema has set an example. The decision to get rid of party cadres in markets and bus stations was not an easy decision,” he said.

Milupi said the UPND government desire for unity of purpose does not end at Cabinet level but must permeate to developmental projects.

“The other aspect is the rule of law. There is order. We may have not reached that far but already it is taking shape. Law enforcement is not based on political witch hunt. The President said the corruption fight will not look at the present, but cover the past and the future,” he noted. “If we become corrupt that will embarrass the government and we will be followed, the law will catch up.”

Milupi told the Kuta that the Kafue bridge was a danger.

Over the concerns by the Ngambela that the Litunga has to pay K40 at Miuwe Toll Gate to go to his farm, Milupi responded that it was not a good issue to be discussed as there were people who stay in Kafue and work in Lusaka and have to pay toll fees every day.

The Ngambela told the minister’s delegation that they will find more problems over the province’s underdevelopment.

“Now we need affirmative action for us as Western Province to move up to other regions of development. We are asking for positive discrimination or affirmative action so that development is not lopsided,” said the Ngambela. “We are not asking you to deny others, we were deliberately slowed down be it in education, roads, colleges and other things. So we are in hurry to catch up.”

In Nalolo, acting Induna Sapi, Martin Malitela, said it was the first time to have a visitation by ministers in an early stage of a new government.

He said Lwampa district was as big as Gambia.

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