There’s no person who doesn’t err – Kambwili

CHISHIMBA Kambwili over the weekend was the lead campaigner for the ousted Patriotic Front in Masaiti’s Kamifungo ward.

Clothed with a de facto party president title following the defeat of Edgar Lungu in the August 12 election, Kambwili appeared as the burden carrier and apologised, on behalf of the PF, for all wrongs the party committed.

Kneeling down to express contrition, Kambwili further said there is no person who does not err.

“Nokusumina twasumina, twali ne filubo, filya fine ifilubo efyalengele abena Zambia bakalipe elo na Lesa aeba ati okay fumenipo fye panono, kabiyeni kucilapilo, mukabwele (we have also accepted, we had committed sins which caused Zambians to get angry and God said go out for a little while, go for repentance and come back later),” Kambwili said. “Icicine tuletila ukufukama, tulefukama ku cinso cenu mwebena Zambia ukutila fyonse ifyo twalufyenye, teifwe ba Lesa, mutweleleko pantu umuntu onse wacilubo (We are therefore kneeling down before you Zambians, we say all wrongs we committed, we are not gods, forgive us because all men commit wrongs).”

Kambwili said PF needed to seek forgiveness if Zambians were to take them seriously.

He said Zambians whipped PF and now the former ruling party has known how painful the whip was and would not repeat its mistakes going forward.

He said when a party loses elections, people abandon it to join the winning party.

“Nomba ndefwaya ukumipusha icintu cimo; mwalyumfwako apo PF yalusila abantu bafumamo? (Now let me ask you one thing: have you heard people defecting since PF lost power?” he asked and the people responded “Awe (no)”. “Cinshi tabafuminamo? …Icacitika is a temporary thing.” (Why haven’t they left the party? What has happened is a temporal thing).

Kambwili went further to explain that what happened to the PF was that God merely wanted to show Zambians that a child who cries for an axe, it is given to him so that it hurts him.

He told the people to be watchful of those in government.

“Natuimwena fwebene…nga waupa umwanakashi, pa myeshi itatu, ba HH baikalamo imyeshi ibili, baleya ku myeshi itatu, nga pa myeshi itatu nga talefwisa mate nokulalya iloba lyaku culu, ninshi tauli mwaume iyo (if you marry a woman and after three months, HH has just been there two months now going into his third month in State House, three months and the woman is not spitting and eating anthill soil, then you are not a real man),” he said to the excitement of his audience. “Nabatulanga ba UPND nabafilwa ukufwisisha amate Zambia, nabafilwa ukupela Zambia iloba lya ku culu. Ba Sata elyo baishile mwalimwene muli three months ati icalo cacinja, tefyo? Muli two months mwalyumfwile ati kuli government. Ici cabafye icatalalila kwati tamwaba na kateka (the UPND have shown us that they have failed to make Zambia productive. When Sata assumed power, you saw change in three months. In two months, you perceived that there was a government, but this one (UPND government) is insipid as if there is no President).”

Kambwili said three months after assuming power, Sata was invited to address the Commonwealth meeting in Australia but he refused preferring to appreciate the condition of the local people first before venturing out.

He said Sata delegated him and his vice-president Guy Scott to attend the Australia meeting.

“Abanensu, one month tailakwana, babeta ku America, abo mu ndeke (our colleagues, even before a month elapses, they are invited to America and they jump on the plane,” he mocked.

Kambwili told the people that usually any president indicated his plan for the country when he or she opened the first session of the National Assembly.

He wondered what President Hichilema told the people when he went to open Parliament.

Kambwili said Sata in his first address to Parliament announced his plan to construct 8,000 kilometres of road, schools, and 650 health centres countrywide.

“Nomba bena finshi…limbi TV yandi yali ya malasha nshaleumfwa, finshi bamwebele tata (for him, what did he outline? Maybe my TV was powered by charcoal and I could not hear, what did he tell you)?” he asked Michael Katambo who stood next to him.

He said President Hichilema did not indicate any of his plans.

“Baletubepa fye ati muli nokumona, muli nokumona, muli nokumona, twakulalya muli nokumona? (he is just cheating us that you will see, you will see, you will see; are we going to eat you will see?” Kambwili retorted.

He also claimed that the PF ended all trouble concerning fertiliser for farmers and maize purchase and people would usually get paid on the third day after delivery of their maize.

Kambwili said by October people were receiving fertiliser but now things were regressing.

Kambwili charged that God wanted people to know that the current government leaders were just liars.

“Mu Cibemba batila umuntu nga wabufi ni pyete, maputi (In Bemba they say if a peron is a liar, then he is a pathological liar),” Kambwili explained.

Kambwili cautioned people over President Hichilema’s pronouncements during the campaign that his administration would reduce the cost of goods and services.

He said since they were Thomases and would want to touch the wounds to believe, he advised them to show UPND that they were annoyed through the coming local government election.

Kambwili told Kamifungo residents that God loved them.

He advised them not to look at the young teacher’s amputated hand to select him to represent them in the council, but consider his wisdom and the fact that God does not create all equal.

He said if they rejected the PF candidate, they would be going against God.

Kambwili mocked the UPND over borrowing.

“Namumfwa ilelo? We Lesa uli wa cabe, uli wa cabe Mulungu! Lesa wesu, Lesa patatu; Tata, Mwana, Mweo; aba batatu aba, ba cabe! Lelo ba Musokotwane baleti iyo twalakongola tukuleko ama sukulu ku North Western naku Western. Mwalakongola mwe baletuka ba PF pakukongola (you have heard today! God you are awesome, our God in trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit you are awesome. Today finance minister Musokotwane says they (UPND) will borrow money to build schools in North Western and Western; you go to borrow, you who were mocking the PF over borrowing!)” said Kambwili, whose address was 95 per cent in Bemba.

Michael Katambo, the PF Masaiti member of parliament, told the people that Kambwili was the current PF leader.
He addressed Kambwili as president and that his leadership of PF should succeed.

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