Wisdom is better than money, wealth – Fr Lungu

FORMER Zambia Conference for Catholic Bishops general secretary Fr Cleophas Lungu says often times when there is a lot of money there is poverty.

He says people should not invest in things that pass away.

In his sermon during mass at St Anne’s Cathedral on Sunday, Fr Lungu who is back in Chipata Diocese said it is sad that some people have a lot of money while others are wallowing in poverty.

“What is strange is that some people can have stacks and stacks of money while others are dying of hunger. This is the fact of life – where there is a lot of money often times there is a lot of poverty,” he said. “This is the reason why Jesus says ‘it is hard for those who are rich to enter eternal life because they are blind’. They can’t see that the
youths need help, they don’t see that their wife and relatives need help.”

Fr Lungu said the rich should always think about the poor.

“If God blesses us with various gifts, whether its singing or when God bless us with wealth, just know that God has given us an obligation to help those in need,” he said. “If it’s a gift of singing, we need to sing in such a way that we help others to pray. If it a gift of playing, we need to do such in order to glorify God.”

Fr Lungu said wisdom was one of the best things that a person should seek.

“We have heard of the story of King Solomon who once given chance he opted to ask God for wisdom. If we were given a chance, I don’t know what we would pray for. Wisdom is better than anything else, it is better than money, better than wealth,” he said. “It is better than whatever one would cling for. Indeed, that was a wise choice to ask for wisdom because with wisdom, you have a gateway to put your mind and focus on important things not on things that pass away.”

Fr Lungu said many are the times that human beings and Christians put their investment in things that pass away.

He said King Solomon asked for wisdom and that it was through this that the world was created in an orderly way.

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