‘Your sin shall surely find you out’

Mutale Nalumango says people who looted public resources will definitely answer for such actions.

This was in response to Sikongo UPND member of parliament Mayungo Simushi who wanted to know the progress so far made in the fight against corruption.

“It is highly alleged that public resources were indiscriminately looted during the previous PF regime. In this vein, Madam Speaker, I would like to find out from her honour the Vice-President what level of progress has so far been made in ensuring that people that looted public resources are quickly brought to book,” asked Simushi.

In response, Nalumango said very soon investigative wings would start recording progress.

“Sooner than later, Madam Speaker, we may start seeing certain fruits of the Zambians’ anxiety. They’re anxious to find out what is it that went wrong? Is it indeed that there was a hand in the institutions that were supposed to lead in the fight against criminality?” said Nalumango during the Vice-President’s Question Time in Parliament on Friday. “But because this government has come in and totally released their hands, we believe that they are working. We believe that results will be seen and people will answer for their own lives; things that they may have done. I can’t give you the actual time line. But surely, I believe we will see the results of their work. They will definitely be brought to book, those that have done wrong against the Zambian people. Those that have looted because that is wrong. I don’t know whether I can quote something but somewhere there’s a saying that ‘your sin shall surely find you out’. Surely that’s the word. We should never be comfortable, Madam Speaker, with the fact that we have done something wrong and we seem to be getting away with it. There is a time for reckoning in every situation. What you do in secret will be publicly announced. It is not the government’s direct executive duty to go on a witch hunt. We have seen, we have heard. This is where the institutions, investigative institutions, are doing their work. And we believe a lot has been done.”

Well, when we warned those in PF about their looting of public resources they mocked us. They mocked every Zambian. To them, everything in this country started and ended with PF – the rest of us were nothing. PF leaders and their general membership were flashing money everywhere. It was actually impossible for them to conceal their loot! They just had to rub it in the face of Zambians. Various stakeholders warned them, including ourselves, but they could not listen. They enjoyed themselves, had fun, until their last day in power. And now they are probably using the same money they illegally acquired to fight the anti-corruption crusade.

The Bembas say, umulandu taubola; meaning that no matter how long it takes a crime culprit will certainly face justice someday.

What is even more annoying is that characters in PF are not showing any remorse. Instead, they are busy mocking Zambians on a daily basis. They want us to forget too easily about the plunder of public resources which they engaged in. They also want us to forgive them just like that, without any retribution. No ways! They have to face the law and get punished if found wanting.

Albert Einstein warned about tolerating corruption that, “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.”

And Joe Biden warns that corruption “is a cancer, a cancer that eats away at a citizen’s faith in democracy, diminishes the instinct for innovation and creativity.”

So, those who thought they would get away with crimes, the time to answer is now. Prepare to defend yourselves in court. None of you should claim vindictiveness, you brought this upon yourselves.

For our investigative wings and our leaders always remember that corruption is the biggest reason for the downfall of most empires and civilization. Therefore, as A.K Antony advises, “There is no compromise when it comes to corruption. You have to fight it.”

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