How we misinterpret things in life

[By Michael B Munyimba]

Two years ago, when I was five years old, I watched an interesting movie by now aging American actor Patrick Swayze.

In the movie, Patrick found two young men fighting when he forcefully stopped them and asked why they were fighting. One of them said, “He called my mother a b***ch.” Patrick then asked him if his mother was and the guy said “HELL NO!”

The guy said, “That’s why I’m beating him, my mother can never be that!” Then Patrick asked him an interesting question. He said, “If your mother is not, why then are you bothered?” The young man looked at him for a while and walked away.

Now, prior to that fight, the same guy who had insulted the other had done the same to another guy. He’d used the same bad words on the other guy, but the guy just laughed it away, called him a drunk and walked away. And this is the part from which I want you to follow this article.

One message was delivered to two people, but it was processed or interpreted differently. The first guy took it lightly and said the utterer was drunk and should go and sleep because he took it that it was just kachasu talking. But the other took it very badly and begun to beat the guy who had said that.

Let me jump to another scene, where one statement could be misconstrued as ambiguous because of failure of men to digest truth but choose to go for teachings of unwise men. Jesus once told a sinner on a cross something about being together in paradise. But I am trying to run away from quotes even though one of them comes from Luke 23:43, depending on the version of your Bible. Of course, you know about the story of the missing ‘comma’ if you attended Sunday School. I won’t attempt to argue with any one about it because I know a lot has been said and written already. Try to put back that comma that is missing, you will see how the message changes.

Jesus knew what He was saying, but some people desired to believe otherwise. Up to now, people still debate if Jesus meant He was going to be with that criminal on that very day, or that He was saying “It’s today I’m telling you, we shall be together when the time comes!” But that’s childish debate, those in the know, know. My point is that someone said something, but the message was damaged along the way to its targeted audience. Whether that was deliberate or not, we shall only know when we meet Him. The same Jesus was killed for violating Sabbath laws and blasphemy. The Jews knew the truth but chose to send Him to the gallows. The question is why? Even when Jesus told that gathering that before Abraham He was, never be fooled, the Jews may have known what He was talking about, but they chose to take stones to try and stone Him. The building of the temple in three days and even Judas Iscariot, he knew who Jesus was and what He was talking about, but the very people who knew the truth are the ones who betrayed Him.

Why do people choose to abandon the truth and pretend as though they don’t understand you? Did Hakainde Hichilema (HH) sell the mines and all those companies he’s accused of? NO! The government was selling, he was just a consultant.

Whatever HH said was deliberately distorted by Given Lubinda and his friends, just like it was in the examples I have cited above.

Now let me end this article this way, sometimes we say things and are misunderstood by our target…

But sometimes our targets of the message deliberately choose to twist the meaning behind our words. That could be because the propagandists of your innocent words have selfish interests in the matter. I repeat, I will cast the first stone when the time HH and his government, my government, start to blunder. In fact, I’m looking forward to that as a journalist, or else, I won’t have anything to write about.

When that time comes, me and HH shall roll in the mud together, the way I have with Edgar Chagwa Lungu and his contingent lately. But for now, all I can do is urge people not to pretend they don’t understand him. Let’s wait and see.

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