Midlands Zam/Mal Petroleum ‘starts producing oil from maize’

MIDLANDS Zam/Mal petroleum oils limited says it will dedicate 40 per cent of its profits to help the vulnerable in society.

During the launch of the cooking oil project on Sunday, chief executive officer Charles Mvula said his company was doing everything possible to help improve the living standards of the people.

“For us we believe that in whatever we are doing and for things to go well, we involve God. We are doing this by extending a helping hand to the needy in society. We have unemployed youths, marketeers and widows, among others,” Mvula said.

He said the company had started producing cooking oil from maize.

“For us, we believe that it is easy for people to produce maize and sell it to us. To supplement government, we are going to start buying a 50-kilogramme bag of maize at K200. We are going to come up with a strategy on how we are going to help the local people on a number of
things surrounding the sale of the cooking oil,” Mvula said.

He appealed to the government, through the ministries of Small and Medium Enterprises, Environment and Green Economy, Commerce, and Agriculture, among others, to come up with ways to work with the private sector.

“We are appealing to the above ministries to find a way on how they can reach out to the people that are coming up with good initiatives such as this one. Such initiatives that are aimed at uplifting the living standards of the people should be supported,” Mvula said.
And company operations manager Alexander Lungu said the company would put over 10,000 people on an out-grower scheme.

The company has also got a presence in Malawi.

Meanwhile, Chipata District Farmers Association coordinator Virgil Malambo said value addition was a critical component in the agriculture sector.

“We are very excited as an association to have a company that is adding value to maize. This is a very exciting development which we have always been desiring to have. Value addition is very critical in the agriculture sector because it helps to provide a market for the farmers and creates job opportunities for the youths and women,” he said. “These are the things that the President has been emphasising that there is need to start adding value to most of the produce that our local farmers produce.”

Malambo said the move would motivate farmers to produce more maize because there would be ready market.

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