E/Province among lowest vaccinated areas in Zambia, says Kabalo

MINISTRY of Health spokesperson Abel Kabalo says Eastern Province has one of the lowest COVID-19 vaccination rates in the country.

And the African Union’s economic social and cultural council says lot of work has been done by the AU in the fight against the pandemic.

Officiating at a COVID-19 vaccines town hall sensitisation meeting on Tuesday, Dr Kabalo said Eastern Province had one of the lowest COVID-19 vaccine rates in the country.

“Eastern Province is among the lowest vaccinated areas in Zambia. I don’t know this province to be at the tail end of things. So that’s why for us it was imperative that we come and see what is going on and interact with our colleagues in civil society, media and the NGOs and see how we can come up with a covenant that will help us to raise from the tail end in the country to being one of the best performing provinces as we have always been known to be,” he said.

Dr Kabalo called on Zambians to do the right thing by getting vaccinated.

“We have just come out of the third wave and it has been very devastating and livelihoods disturbed. We’ve seen businesses go down especially and small and medium enterprises,” he said. “We’ve seen our young people lose jobs. We’ve seen the devastating effect of COVID-19 on the economy. We can avoid all this if we can do the right thing. I am calling upon all of you that we prepare before we are hit by the possible fourth wave. And the best time to prepare is now. We don’t want to run crises. We saw that people became desperate especially when we lost a lot of lives in the third wave and we saw a lot of cases. We saw huge queues of people coming for vaccines. We don’t want to go through that again. We are calling upon people to come forth and make sure they are vaccinated.”

And ECOSOCC secretariat head William Carew, who was represented by AU ECOSOCC senior communications officer Carol Jilombo, said a lot of work has been done by the AU in the fight against the pandemic.

“While we are eager to get to a post COVID-19 Africa and some form of normality, we have to accept that this is only possible through living comfortably and openly with the vaccines,” said Carew. “Up until recently, the various vaccines have been greeted with fear, uncertainty and surrounded by false information.”

Meanwhile, Chipata mayor George Mwanza called on civil society organisations, activists and other stakeholders to escalate the COVID-19 vaccination sensitisation.

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