Zambian company sets up bio-fuel plant in Katuba

A ZAMBIAN-OWNED bio fuel company has set up a production plant in Katuba and projects to start producing diesel from molasses.

And the company says it will also start producing carbon dioxide which is used in fizzy drinks, a product that is imported by all companies in Zambia.

Addressing journalists in Lusaka yesterday, Surya Group of Companies director of legal

and compliance Colonel Partson Kafwimbi said the company was aiming at reducing the cost of fuel and deliver meaningful employment to the people.

He added that the company had already started producing high grade ethanol.

“We as Surya aim at being a force which contributes to the economy of Zambia, and we aim at doing that uninterrupted; without interference. We should only synergise, destructive efforts are not welcome,” he said.

“We have embarked on a very big expansion programme of not only producing 99.9 fuel grade for blending, we are going into pyrolysis, producing diesel. We have very elaborate and huge plans for this country and we are looking in totality at the Southern African region economy; this will be for our benefits.”

He said all inputs were bought from within Zambia.

“We are sourcing all the materials locally 100 percent of it all, in the production of 99.9 ethanol. We are using mostly molasses from

Zambia sugar, we also produce the same from cassava; we are in the process of getting 300 metric tons everyday,’’ said Kafwimbi. ‘’This means potential outgrowers will have market and will grow the plant to supply us, this means job creation.”

And company chief executive officer Chetan Jain said the organisation would create more jobs for locals while reducing the cost of fuel.

“We also produce organic fertilizer which helps our peasant farmers to grow legumes and other cash crops and we have been doing this freely. We have already ordered machinery to help us convert this liquid organic fertilizer to the granule type so that we can bag it and distribute beyond the boundaries of our plant,” he said.

“We are asking farmers to produce more and more cassava, wheat and maize which we can use in our production of ethanol. We are trying to reduce the dependence on fossil fuel and become more conservative. There is a cassava processing plant in Chitambo and we told them whatever you are processing, we are going to buy and they are happy; it is a government owned plant. They produce 48 tonnes per day and we need 300 tonnes for making ethanol and we can make up to 5 million litters a day.”

He said the company was also: ‘’embarking on building filling stations around the country, for starters, we are putting up 20 filling stations and in the next 5 years, we want to put up a total of 100 filling stations and reducing the cost of fuel is our target. In the process, we will create more than 1,300 jobs at the filling stations with a lot more people employed in our manufacturing chains.”

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