LUNGU LOST PAINFULLY…levels of betrayal by ECL political gurus is disgusting – Phiri

EASTERN Province PF information and publicity secretary William Phiri has pleaded with President Hakainde Hichilema not to take in a bunch of opportunists from the former ruling party who are good at destroying political parties.

He accused some political gurus in Eastern Province of having betrayed former president Edgar Lungu.

In a statement, Phiri said President Hichilema should be careful with some opportunists from the former ruling party because they were toxic.

“They are a bunch of opportunists. They are professionals in destroying political parties with the aim of joining a new party and expecting jobs,” Phiri said. “HH, I beg u, they are here again. They want to milk you at the expense of your hardworking party officials. They will come and destroy your party in few months. Chase them. Don’t allow them to come near you, they are toxic, they are vipers.”

Phiri said betrayal of trust by Eastern Province political gurus can never be ignored especially after Lungu lost an election in a painful way.

“It is embarrassing and disgusting to see high levels of betrayal of trust of former president Edgar Chagwa Lungu by Eastern Province political gurus,” he said. “The former president thought he was well represented by Eastern Province political leaders when in fact he was being stabbed in the back every day. They never loved him nor supported him. The biggest issue was petty jealousy and luck of appreciation. Even some clergy fought their son during every mass or preaching instead of embracing him as their own. Shame.”

Phiri accused the people that Lungu entrusted with leadership in the province of double standards.

He said it was shocking that some former PF MPs have the audacity to talk ill of Lungu and the PF leadership in Kaumbwe and Lusangazi.

Phiri said the province has always been led by elders in politics who failed to unite it.

“Eastern Province has always produced leaders who are always indecisive, who have failed to show proper leadership to the young generation,” he said.

Phiri said the party president should understand the pain of the people in the structures if the PF is to rebrand.

“We have nothing to lose now and let us speak in a painful way because we want to correct the mistakes that made us to lose the elections,” he said. “Actually, I warned the party in 2019 that losing was going to be painful. Here we are now. The people or leaders that bootlicked the president are nowhere to be found.”

Phiri said Lungu’s political advisors did not help him.

He said the good governance Zambia scheme which was introduced by one of the presidential advisors did not help matters.

“The GGOZA issue was an animal which ate us at the end because they used it to milk the president of millions of kwachas just to enrich themselves. The president was vulnerable because all the people he trusted had schemed against him instead,” Phiri said. “When PF lost, only the disgruntled and distressed few individuals gathered around ECL every day because he was lonely. Those he trusted could not pick up his calls anymore. Betrayal of trust!”

Phiri said selfishness killed the PF.

“We had stopped listening to the structures on the ground. Thank God for a few bold members who have stood the test of time. People like Given Lubinda, Stephen Kampyongo, Raphael Nakacinda, Masauso Tembo, to rebrand the party in times of tribulations,” he said.

Phiri said some people who betrayed Lungu also betrayed Rupiah Banda in 2011.

“The former MMD president was equally betrayed by these leaders who are bent on feeding their bellies only,” said Phiri. “They lied to RB and gave him false hopes when on the other side, they were busy destroying their leader. These are the sons and daughters of Judas Iscariot. They connive with the enemy during the night and kiss you in the morning pretending as though they are with you.”

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