Milingo’s theft case fails to take off again

KONKOLA Copper Mines provisional liquidator Milingo Lugu has again not been put on trial by the State for theft involving K4.4 million and laundering the same money.

Lungu, 43, a lawyer of Plot No. 22765 Mulungushi Road, Roma, could not answer to charges of theft and money laundering before the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court as the trial magistrate Felix Kaoma was indisposed.

It is alleged that Lungu on dates unknown but between May 22, 2019 and September 28, 2021, being a provisional liquidator of KCM, stole K4,400,000 belonging to the mine.

It is alleged in the second count that Lungu, on the same dates, transferred the said money to his account, knowing that it was proceeds of crime.

The accused is scheduled to take plea on Tuesday, October 26.

In an interview later, Lungu’s lawyer Sakwiba Sikota said his client needed to be hastily tried in order to clear him of the criminal tag.

“There is a need to have our client’s name cleared as quickly as possible because this matter is not only affecting him, it’s also affecting employees, clients and so on. It is important that we quickly have this matter resolved,” said Sikota.

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